IAHF List: Please see Elaine Nichols mssg to me below and my response to her. By organizing a health freedom meeting in her town in Florida where she'll be showing the DVD film "We Become Silent" to a larger audience and where she'll be discussing the reasons why we MUST kill the North American Cooperative Security Act to stop the planned destruction of America and to stop CODEX from being forced on us, Elaine is doing what MORE of you MUST do if you actually VALUE maintaining your access to dietary supplements and if you actually VALUE the basic FREEDOMS enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

Please see my previous alert at (https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+468 where you can see complete info about the EDUCATION KIT that IAHF is sending for a donation of $50. As you can see from my response to Elaine, I will help anyone who steps forward to organize a local meeting ANY WAY I CAN.

That includes providing advice, as I have to Elaine on public speaking. It includes an offer to BE the public speaker at an event that YOU organize (if you want me to participate via SPEAKER PHONE) and it includes being willing to work with ANYONE over the phone to bring you completely up to speed on all talking points to HELP you run the meeting completely on your own without my direct involvement if you would prefer to do it that way. I will also travel ANYWHERE in the USA or Canada to be at your meeting if you assist me with travel expenses. In my previous mssg I told you about how I am under a MICROSCOPE, that the Department of Homeland Security is searching my car every damn time I cross the border. I am going out on a LIMB for all of you, but you better meet me HALFWAY.

I realize all of your are busy leading hectic lives. My intention with this mssg is not to browbeat you guys, but it DOES frustrate me when so few of you seem to CARE the way Elaine does. We came VERY CLOSE to killing CAFTA by using the Codex issue as the tip of our spear, but we got beat by 2 Votes in part because not ENOUGH of you stepped forward the way Elaine is doing here.

This has GOT to change. Its clear to me that not enough of you have been giving serious thought to the DIRE IMPLICATIONS of possibly being railroaded into a planned North American Union. Let me tell you something: I have been to England, and seen FIRST HAND the horrible impact their being forced into the EU Dictatorship has had. ALL of their laws are being HARM-onized to EU law and faceless bureaucrats OUTSIDE THEIR BORDERS are now DICTATING EVERYTHING to them. Is THAT what YOU WANT to happen here???

The EU Parliament is nothing but window dressing to give an outward appearance of honesty and fairness, while in reality, the UNELECTED European Commission ACTUALLY makes all their laws, and believe me, they ARE being SCREWED.

You want that HERE? I sure as hell don't. Even though the place is highly FLAWED, I want to KEEP living in America. Thats why I am breaking my butt, working long hours trying to sound an alarm about the threat posed by the North American Cooperative Security Act to erase the borders with Canada and Mexico- but sometimes I wonder why I bother because most of you DESERVE to be enslaved for your lack of caring.

Some of you have been sending me these pathetic, wimpy, hand wringing emails which clearly indicate to me that you have GIVEN UP, and you think I should give up TOO. Those of you who have never lost your freedom don't even really know what that word MEANS.

Well I DID lose my freedom once. I lost it for 4 very LONG years during which I was LOCKED UP in the psychiatric gulag before smuggling in the VITAMINS that helped me ESCAPE the clutches of the pharma cartel and return to the ranks of the LIVING.

I WILL NOT be forced back into that prison of PAIN, and THAT is why I do this work. I do it because FREEDOM is not some abstract concept to me.

I'm not asking for MUCH people. All I'm asking is that a lot MORE of you step forward in the way that ELAINE is because its not that HARD to organize a meeting, and unless more of you DO help out, we'll lose the NACSA battle in the SAME WAY that we lost the CAFTA battle and it doesn't HAVE to BE that way.

During the CAFTA battle I got Congressman Ron Paul to take a letter of mine, put it on his Congressional letterhead, and circulate it to every member of the House calling their attention to the tie in between CAFTA and CODEX. I got him to discuss the issue on C-SPAN during the floor debate, and several people from the IAHF list called in to CSPAN and were heard over National TV. We lost by just 2 Votes, but if we'd been BETTER ORGANIZED, if MORE of you had CARED, we would NOT have lost!!!

RIGHT NOW I need donations to get to Expo West vitamin trade show where WITH YOUR HELP Kevin Miller and I are going to rent a suitable place to do more FILMING in order to UPDATE his documentary WE BECOME SILENT to include a discussion of the need to kill NACSA. We need $1100. to rent a 2 BR living room suite to do this filming. We had this suite last year for this purpose and much of the filming for We Become Silent was done there. We also used it to hold 2 badly needed meetings of health freedom activists who were attending the trade show. Won't you PLEASE help with

A) donations, and B) By organizing a local meeting in your area to show this film and to explain to more people the threat posed by NACSA to rip this country APART and to force us into a DICTATORIAL EQUIVALENT to the European Union?

$50 Donation gets you the Education Kit so YOU can hold a MEETING to mobilize MORE PEOPLE against NACSA and CODEX
IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

Please see Elaine's mssg to me and my response. PLEASE HELP. PLEASE CARE!! PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!! WE _CAN_ WIN this battle, but NOT if you sit on your hands, and NOT if you send me whiny BS mssgs that indicate to me that you are a spineless jellyfish willing to GUTLESSLY GROVEL at the feet of our would be OVERSEERS and let yourself be microchipped up the wazoo.

Today someone sent me THIS excellent link on how to kill RFID chips, I wanted to pass it along to you:
http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/2098/1/1/ because via the REAL ID ACT soon they're going to put RFID chips in our Drivers Licenses and PASSPORTS but we CAN DISABLE THEM. WE CAN SAY _NO_. We MUST SAY NO, and we WILL SAY NO!!!

WHAT? Do I hear you say you don't WANT to have to bend over and have a microchip injected into the back of your hand?
Well then you'd better stand up NOW the way ELAINE IS so we don't ever get to that POINT. You better start being PROACTIVE because your best DEFENSE is a damn good OFFENSE. Learned that from playing HOCKEY.

At 04:11 AM 2/2/2006, Elaine Nichols:

First, thank you for all that you do, and know that I pass on your information far and wide to thousands more on the internet.

I will be sending for the kit, and will set up gatherings in my community in Pinellas County, florida (Tampa Bay area).
I have to tell you that this is a very scary endeavor for me, because I've never organized something like this, and am not a very good public speaker, but the alternative outcome if I don't do this and get more help for this cause, is even scarier. So I am determined to push through my fear in order to educate more people.

I am so open to any help that you can give me in making these gatherings a success, and learning more on how to become a more publicly outspoken activist.


Elaine Nichols

I'll be glad to help in any way I can Elaine. Public speaking is easy once you learn a simple technique gleaned from a book by a famous attorney named Gerry Spence. The title of the book is How to Argue and Win Every Time which you can get here (used copy only costs $3.11) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0312144776/qid=1138886519/sr=2-1/ref=pd_bbs_b_2_1/104-8460526-1206342?s=books&v=glance&n=283155

I have been using Spence's techniques for years, and I've testified before Congress, I've done hundreds of radio shows, I've been on TV, I'm in the DVD "We Become Silent" which is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, I've represented myself in courtrooms on several occassions even though I'm not a lawyer and I've won every time, and I've spoken many times before live audiences without feeling self concious.

The trick to being able to do this is far simpler than you probably think.

In a nutshell you do the following (which Gerry Spence explains in his book)- You come out with what Spence refers to as "the magical argument" which is something that arises from inside your innermost being such that you can talk spontaneously and without notes.

You do this by first organizing your talk on a basis of key words which you have on 3x5 cards and you practice it a few times, but then what you do is you close your eyes and think about what feels the most natural to you in terms of how to begin and you shape your talk in your mind in a way that seems best to you.

When you are in front of the crowd, you don't bring any notes, or if you do, just a few. The worst thing to do is read off a page. If you do that you will lose your audience by not making eye contact, your talk won't flow, it will seem stilted, phony, and not from the heart.

You want to get in front of the crowd with just a few simple notes in case you get stuck, but you want to first go within, and pause before you start, in order to come out with that magical argument that just flows from within, and to avoid stagefright, at first you want to focus your eyes on just one person in the room, preferably a good friend, and if you don't know anyone in the room, on someone who you feel at ease looking at, and at first pretend that its just you and this person in the room and that you're having a one on one conversation while you tune out everyone else. As you feel more relaxed and the stage fright that is normal to feel at first goes away, you can start scanning the room, making eye contact with all quadrants of the room and looking directly at people, noticing their body language and adjusting your inflection and intonation as you go. You can sense the crowd getting excited by your message, and its a great feeling to be able to really reach the crowd so that when the question and answer period comes at the end, that too will flow well.

If you want me to be there either as your keynote speaker by speakerphone, or just as a participant to listen in on a speakerphone so as to participate at the end in the question and answer period, I'll be glad to, your call. If you don't want me there at all, thats fine too. If you want me there in person, we can discuss that too.

Any way you slice it, I'll be glad to help. You can call me at 800-333-2553 and if you miss me, just leave a number and a good time to call back and I'll be glad to work with you to help you become conversant enough with the issues that you can lead a meeting.

Thanks for contacting me.


PS I lived in Florida for many years and am very familiar with the state. I have friends in the Tampa area, but lived in Hollywood over next to Ft.Lauderdale. I used to be the political coordinator of the Life Extension Foundation, and am a consultant to them today. I also have other clients. I've been all over the world doing this health freedom work and find it very enjoyable and satisfying. Once you get past your initial stagefright, I sense that you will really enjoy doing public speaking on these issues as its not hard to do once you get used to it and past the initial stage fright. A Toast Masters group in your area might be worth joining if you want practice in public speaking, but its not necessary unless you really want to do it. I am reading your mssg at 5:30 am. I always get up early to get in a couple hours of exercise before beginning my day. We must prepare our bodies and minds for battle against the NWO.