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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

October 1, 2015

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 16, Issue 862


  • SIRA is Turning 60!
  • Church Point Ferry Service Update
  • SIRFS Fire Shed Dinner - Oktoberfest
  • Local Council Notices
  • Pittwater takes out Sustainability Award
  • Stop the Supply
  • Your Say on Waterways
  • Mona Vale Library Events
  • Dog Training Tips 
  • Co-Op Club - October Line-up
  • Pittwater Offshore Wine Syndicate - Wine Tasting
  • Interested in a Local Currency?
  • Commodores Christmas Cocktail Party
  • Looking for Professional Photographer
  • Scotland Island Dance Classes?
  • Island Nanny
  • Looking for Home to Rent
  • Waterfront Home to Rent
  • Wanting a lift to Crows Nest
  • Missing Phone
  • Backyard Fitness
  • Deck Sale
  • For Sale
  • Family looking to move to SI
  • Double Kayak for Sale
  • Rental Required
  • Lost
  • Clean Fill
  • The Local Contact Guide
  • Join SIRA
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your subscription Information

  • SIRA is turning 60 !!

    Saturday  November  28th



    Pensioner and seniors



    Thanks to all the letters and emails to Rob Stokes, Opal, Transport for NSW and Andrew Constance the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Transport for NSW will continue with the capped fare of $2.50 per day for Transport on NSW buses, trains and ferries.

    You will continue to need your green resident’s card, and you will need to get a Gold Opal card.

    This does not mean that we are getting the Opal system on the ferries. There is no plan by Transport for NSW to roll out this system onto the private ferry operators at this stage.

    The fine detail has not as yet been worked out, but the in principle agreement has been made.



    Dear Resident,

    From 1 January 2016, the Pensioner Excursion Ticket will no longer be sold, so you will be unable to buy it to travel on this ferry. However, from 1 January 2016, the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card will be accepted on this private ferry service.

     In addition to the Private Ferry Pass issued by your ferry service, you will need to show your Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card to the ferry attendant when you board. As the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal fares are capped at $2.50 per day, you won’t pay any more to travel than you did with a Pensioner Excursion Ticket. If you haven’t got your Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card yet, apply now at opal.com.au or call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL). You’ll need your NSW Seniors, Pensioner Concession or NSW War Widow/ers card handy to complete your application.

    Yours sincerely,
    Transport for NSW


    Scotland Island RFB Fire Shed Dinner

    Saturday October 17th from 7.00 pm



    Local Council Notices

    Pittwater takes out Sustainability Award

    Pittwater Council was winner of a top award at the Keep NSW Beautiful Blue Star Sustainability Awards held in Manly.

    The gala presentation at the International College of Management, Sydney saw Council win in the Sustainable Systems category for its Sustainability Assessment Tool.

    Pittwater Council Mayor Jacqueline Townsend said she was thrilled that Council had received recognition for this important sustainability initiative.

    “Council developed and implemented this robust and practical assessment tool to encourage a culture whereby sustainability is embedded in its everyday operations,” said Mayor Townsend.

    “The tool uses quadruple bottom line criteria for all major projects, from the design of a new skate park to helping shape our active transport strategy,” she said.

    “It enables project teams to be more active in their consideration of issues that ultimately care for the sustainability of our future.

    “I am also particularly pleased that this valuable assessment tool is now being rolled out to other councils to benefit from its use,” Mayor Townsend added.

    For more information about environmental sustainability in Pittwater visit http://www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/environment/sustainable_living_actions

    Stop the supply – you're a parent not a mate

    A strong message is being sent to parents and guardians across the northern beaches to ‘Stop the supply of alcohol to minors’.

    The Northern Beaches Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) is launching their Stop the Supply campaign, which raises awareness about secondary supply of alcohol to under age young people.

    The Northern Beaches CDAT is a unified group of government and non-government agencies who work together to identify local problems and issues to improve the community’s health and wellbeing.

    Pittwater Council Mayor Jacqui Townsend said the Stop the Supply campaign informs our community members about the laws and dangers of supplying alcohol to young people (also known as secondary supply).

    Mayor Townsend said the education campaign aims to empower parents, friends and sporting organisations to say ‘no’ to secondary supply of alcohol.

    “The message from Northern Beaches CDAT is a strong one – supplying alcohol to minors is against the law.

    “Parents, and coaches are not ‘mates’ and the consequences of supplying alcohol to minors may cost them $1,100 or up to $11,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment,” Mayor Townsend reiterated.

    Northern Sydney Local Health District Health Promotion Officer, Melissa Palermo said research shows that excessive alcohol can cause major problems for our community; however the risks are exacerbated for our young people.

    “In fact, growing evidence indicates that the brain keeps developing up to the age of 25 and is adversely affected by excessive alcohol consumption,” added Ms Palermo.

    Ms Palermo reminded parents and guardians that the National Alcohol Guidelines state that children under the age of 15 are at the greatest risk of harm from drinking, and for those aged between 15 and 17, the safest option is for them to delay drinking for as long as possible.

    Updates of the campaign will be posted on the Stop the Supply Facebook page.  More information can be found on the website: http://www.stopthesupply.org.au/

    Have your say on Waterway

    Pittwater Council is inviting the community to have its say on the Pittwater waterway.

    Pittwater Mayor Jacqui Townsend said to ensure that the waterway continues to have a vibrant and sustainable future Council has initiated a Pittwater Waterway Review.

    Mayor Townsend said the Pittwater waterway is a natural icon and a distinguishing feature of our region’s identity.

    “It is a focus for leisure, tourism and business and an extremely important environmental asset.

    “However, the waterway is under pressure from a range of competing demands including growth in boat ownership and vessel size.

    “There is also an increase in demand for moorings, marinas and boat infrastructure such as pump out facilities, dinghy storage, parking and foreshore access.

    “We are keen to hear from businesses connected to the waterway such as marine operators, cafés and restaurants, tourism-related companies, recreational users of the waterway, offshore residents, as well as the broader community.

    “It is essential that we provide a sustainable balance between economic growth and employment connected to the waterway and its environmental protection including water quality and marine life,” she said.

    Residents and businesses are invited to complete the survey which covers key issues facing the waterway and questions such as the ways you currently use the waterway.

    “Feedback from the community will help inform the development of a discussion paper about the management of the waterway,” added Mayor Townsend.

    To complete the survey visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/yoursay by 30 October.
    Contact: Community Relations


    Maintaining Control Off Leash

    By Jess Sandstrom

    There are few things quite as pleasurable as watching your dog zoom around the park with glee,  free to stretch his legs and act out the internal fantasies of the wild beastie within. But what may be a joy to some could be a cause to avoid the area for others. It is a hard concept for some of us dog lovers to comprehend but - not everyone (be it human, dog, cat or chook) likes our furry four legged steam rollers - Even if they are just being friendly.

    So, how do we find our compromise? And how do be avoid being that person whose dog went flying sideways, sopping wet into Joe and Janes beach picnic...

    One way to keep your dog in check is by building up a reliable recall or in other words, to train your dog to come when called. An easy way to do this is to create an intensely positive and rewarding association within your dog to the command for recall, whatever you choose it to be. You essentially want your dog to be desperately hoping in his heart of hearts that his beloved owner might call him over simply for the joy of it! However, if we want to stand any chance of this association winning out over the ever changing sights and smells of the surrounding environment we are going to need to put the time in and invest ourselves in our dogs learning.

    To start off you will need to a distraction free environment which could be your lounge room or enclosed backyard and some high value rewards, ideally something that your dog doesn't get to have very often, BBQ chicken is great. A phrase that you'll often hear dog trainers say is to Set up for Success and this is a great example. You want to pick an environment and a reward that makes it virtually impossible for your dog to get it wrong. Nothing is more fun than feeling like you're really good at something and much like in humans to feel like you are doing a great job at something builds confidence and often a desire to do it again.
    Well I've got my tub of roast chicken and the dog in the lounge room. Now what? Of course Rover is going to be acutely aware of the fact that his dearest owner is in possession of the most delicious food on the face of the plant. This is a key factor for the human element of dog training - Patience.

    When your dog gives up begging for the chicken (you may need to put it out of their line of sight) and becomes disinterested in you call him to Come. When he starts to move toward you, you basically want to throw a party and by that I mean get REALLY, ridiculously excited to ensure that your dog will come all the way to you. When he does, bestow him with a tasty morsel of chicken and make a big fuss over him like he's just done the single most remarkable thing any dog has ever done.

    You can now allow your dog to become disinterested again (you may like to use a release cue if your dog has been taught one) and repeat the exercise being sure to do everything in your power to ensure a correct response 100% of the time and rewarding your dog for every single correct response. Short, positive sessions are best which makes it really easy to fit this exercise into your daily routine. Just one or two 5 minute sessions a day is all it takes to start teaching this invaluable skill.

    As your dog succeeds in the first low distraction area you can begin to move into a slightly more distracting environment, for example you could take it from the lounge room into the backyard, then to the road outside your house on a quiet weekday. Then start practising on on-leash walks around the island when no distractions are present, in the park on-leash and off-leash when no one else is around and so on. Try to think of every conceivable environment and the varying levels of distraction and stimulation that can occur in these environments so you can slowly and incrementally make it more and more difficult and true to a real life situation for your dog. Remember to Set up for Success!

    Once your dog seems to really know what they are doing and is coming to you reliably in a particular training environment you can begin to slowly and gradually fade out the food rewards. This is a very important step in the progression of your dogs training because of course we don't want our dogs recall to be dependent on our having a yummy piece of chicken! It is vital that the food rewards are phased out slowly so we don't affect the positive association we have worked hard to build up through our training sessions - Recall = Chicken and LOVE!

    But my dog can't / won't do it!

    A common error when first training for recall is to try and call your dog when they are busy doing something (sniffing, scratching etc) and when they don't respond immediately to call them again and again and again and again. For starters we must remember that in the early stages our dog doesn't know what we want him to do yet so we have to cut him some slack, be patient and set him up to win. Pick your moment to call him over to you and only call him once. If he's started to sniff something it's probably not a good time to ask, just wait until he is at the 'goldilocks' point of distraction for the level that you have trained to and then call him, if it turns out it wasn't the right moment you can throw a party and get super excited to get his attention.

    If we give a command to our dog over and over again without their responding we risk either teaching our dog that the recall command means nothing at, known as learned irrelevance or we teach him that the command is not simply "Come" but that it is "COME!!" repeated 27 times when my owner is going red in the face. 
    It is very important in all aspects of your dogs training to have realistic expectations of what they are capable of and what you have trained for. If you've only worked up to training recall in your backyard and you allow your dog off-leash down at the park on a sunny weekend you can't really get mad at him for putting his earplugs in and ignoring you in the middle of playtime with another dog! You just haven't trained to that level yet. Think of parents trying to call their children back from the surf when they are all having a great time out on their boogie boards.... Suddenly the earplugs go in then too don't they?
    Another common error is to accidentally taint the positive association of recall after your dog has learnt and proofed the behaviour. Some of the ways this can happen is by:
    • Only calling your dog to come to put him back on the leash and go home.
    • Only calling your dog to you when he's being naughty.
    • Getting angry at your dog if they don't listen or don't come to you quickly enough.
    Of course the first two points are half of the reason that we taught our dog recall in the first place and need to happen at one point or another, but how do we avoid tainting the recall? Luckily, it's really easy if you are aware of it.

    All you really need to do is maintain that positive vibe by doing things like randomly calling your dog in when he's not doing much at all. When he gets to you give him lots of pats and tell him what a good boy he is, maybe even grab a toy and throw it, then let him go back to whatever he was doing before. Not only will this help to generally maintain the skill but it will also help keep that important positive association. You can even get the kids involved and play a recall game with the whole family!

    The third point should hopefully be self explanatory but just put yourself in your dogs shoes; you're racing around the park with your dog pal having an absolute blast and you hear your owners call. You think for a moment... This game is the best fun you've had all day, but owner probably has something great over there too! Unfortunately this moments consideration has been a moment too long and now owner is MAD. She is shouting and angry and I think I might get in trouble!! Will I go to her?... Or can I out run her and keep playing this awesome game?

    Well I know what I used to do when I was a kid and Mum was angry with me - Run for the hills!!! When we begin to understand how our dogs learn and offer a little patience we can be much more effective leaders, teachers and companions. All things are possible with positivity and the right guidance.

    Jess Sandstrom is a qualified and insured Dog Trainer from Elvina Bay who has honed her skills and built up experience by spending years working hands on with rescue dogs at a local shelter. Jess is extremely passionate about animals and particularly about creating harmony between pet owners and other residents in our gorgeous offshore community.

    If you ever need some expert advice or training for your pooch from a trusted local contact:

    Jess Sandstrom
    0425 349 326



    The Co-Op Club Presents

    October 2015 Bookings

    Church Point CafeArtists play between 3:30 - 6:30pm

    We are changing the Co-Op Club times from 3-6pm to the new times of 3.30-6.30pm to celebrate summer!

    Sun Oct 4:  Declan Kelly & The Rising Sun:image

    Declan Kelly & The Rising Sun are rapidly on the ‘rise’ with two tracks from their last album Adrift featuring in the new BBC series “Top of the Lake”, directed by Jane Campion.  Kelly is extremely sought after for his skills on the drum-kit, having worked with UK band Passenger, Spearhead (US) Stranger Cole (Jamaica) and a who’s who of Australian based musicians. When they visit the Co-Op Club for the first time on Oct 4 we can expect infectious roots reggae with beautiful three part harmonies from Polynesia, Jamaica & Africa.

    Sun Oct 11: Toni Swain :image

    Toni Swain returns to the Co-Op Club bringing her wonderful music built around solid rhythms that rollick and sway while the songs shine a spotlight on everyday life.

    ..”Her voice and bearing are those of an old fashioned chanteuse of the highest order..”
    -Mick Daley -  The Re-mains

    Sun Oct 18: Feel The Manouche:image

    Manouche is a term derived from the Romany gypsies of Europe. What we in Australia call Gypsy Jazz.

     Feel The Manouche has a ‘world music’ feel and through it’s use of double bass, guitars, accordion, fiddle & vocal, the band achieves a strong melodic groove that can take on gypsy waltzes, swing jazz and may other flavours from our diverse planet. We invite you to sit back and “Feel The Manouche.”

    Sun Oct 25: The Protesters:image

    The Protesters  -  music that can be described as healing, enlightening & cathartic is what happens when members of The Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Watussi, King Tide & The Subterraneans come together as the fantastic band The Protesters. They bring together a mix of tastes & cultures with their collective love of reggae, groove and poetically hard- hitting lyrics that have one eye on the street and the other on soulful old school rhythms.

    ** Coming on Sun Nov 8, all the way from Ireland via her new home, a bus, which she and her family live & travel around Australia on - the beautiful Aine Tyrrell. Check out a track from her new album here..     https://youtu.be/FYnekOPn7Uo   **

    Music is every Sunday between 3.30 - 6.30pm  
    1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 9999 2793




    Australia's Largest Selling Wine Syndicate

    SUNDAY October 11th at 3pm at 'Caloola' in Elvina Bay.

    Greetings Wine Lovers

    Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.....

    It does seem to have been a long winter. Selfishly I tend to sip on reds during winter and thus miss out on the wonderful range of white wines that we produce in Australia. So here is my - and your - chance to replenish the stock in your wine rack.

    Our next tasting is on SUNDAY October 11th at 3pm at 'Caloola' in Elvina Bay. I know the western shores crowd have been anxiously awaiting a local tasting and of course it will be with much pleasure that we invite islanders, their friends and family to join us.

    For the moment, please circle October 11th 2015.

    Best Wishes


    Interest in a local currency

    Interested in a local currency for Scotland Island and the bays?


    Hi. I’d like to investigate whether a local currency is feasible for our offshore community. Local currencies are used in many places around the world, like the Brixton pound and BerkShares. They’re designed to encourage a sustainable and vibrant local economy (not to dodge tax!).
    If you’re interested in this idea, or would just like updates on our progress, please drop me an email to boydatt@bigpond.com
    Thanks, Boyd Attewell



    SAVE THE DATE - 14 November 2015

    ' Commodores Christmas Cocktail Party ' ('CCCP')

    Keep the 14 November 2015 free for this spectacular event.

    Venue: Bayview Scout Hall
    Date: 14 November 2015
    Time: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
    Theme: Russian (CCCP)

    Pick up and drop off from the Island on the Reliance 

    More details to follow shortly.


    Professional Photographer needed for Pittwater Charity Sailing Day

    We're looking for a local professional photographer who might be interested in doing some pro bono work for Camp Quality a national charity supporting kids living with cancer and their families.
    We'll be taking up to 30 families (all of whom have a child living with cancer) sailing around Pittwater for the day - we'll be stopping for lunch and swimming somewhere and are hoping to have some photos taken throughout the day. Photos will be used for marketing and also given to the families as a memento of the day.
    Date: Sunday 18 October 2015
    Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm
    Venue: Quays Marina

    You'll get to meet some lovely, inspiring families and be part of a wonderful fun day that they'll remember. Lunch included! - No sailing experience necessary but good, offshore sea legs would be beneficial!

    If you're interested or have any questions send me an email:


    Scotland Island Dance Classes



    Super Scotland Island Nanny

    Need a few hours to yourself?
    Need to go to work and need someone to mind the children?
    • Bring the Kids round, & I will watch them for you.             
    • Super Fun Service at a Super Cheap Rates
    • I'm a mommy, a children's entertainer, studying Cert 3 in childcare, a children's aerobics instructor & Head Fairy @ Fairy Magic Children’s Parties
    Call Skye - Mommy to Leonardo & Ivy   0402 810 996


    Island Family looking for a New Rental

    Hello all..... We are a family on the island looking for a new rental anytime from now.

    If you know of any rentals coming up could you please let me know.
    A 3-4 bedroom would be preferable.

    Contact Essie  0418253870.


    NE Waterfront Home for Rent 

    Two bedroom furnished NE Waterfront available end of October or Early November

    Prefer reliable mature couple without pets.
    References essential
    Lease negotiable 6 or 12 months.

    Please contact Mary
    0438 632 855


    Looking for a Lift to Crows Nest

    Backpacker who has work at Crows Nest for 6 weeks and would like to get a lift and pay a share of the fuel costs.

    Contact phone Meredith 0450819897


    Missing iPhone 4


    Sunday,13th September, 2015........as I stepped out of my tender at Pat Hilda Reserve....my phone decided to jump overboard and go for a swim. 

    If anybody finds an iPhone 4 in an ORANGE WATERPROOF COVER  washed up along the N.E. foreshore.....please call me......many thanks.....

    Secondly, if anybody has an iPhone 4 or whatever that they are/do not use.....I would gladly part with some cash.

    Phillippa Thomas........9997 2405


    I'm Bringing Fitness to Your Backyard!!

    Am planning on running circuit exercise classes down at Tennis Wharf (Catherine Park) & am just putting feelers out there for expressions of interest with regards to 

    Days, Times and  Type of Classes.
    I am a qualified and certified personal trainer, fitness and boxing instructor with over 15 years experience.

    Please feel free to call me on 0402 810 996 or email me at mail@skyesfairymagic.com.au

    Yours in fitness Skye - Fit To Perform Mobile Fitness Training


    Deck Sale:  11th October 11am - 3pm

    We are moving: every thing must go!

    Follow the balloons from the steps at the top of Catherine Park, by the Hall, on the main road. 

    • Sofa bed, blue, 2 seats, + golden-brown washable cover
    • Black leather couch, 3 seats + matching reclining chair
    • Wardrobes (including Art Decco)
    • Tables, large/small/children’s
    • Chests/drawers
    • Lamps
    • Rugs
    • Plants, large/small +pots
    • Outdoor furniture, table + chairs
    • Work-shop tools/building materials
    • Children’s toys, doll-house, games, clothing

    FREE! Kids Bedroom Cubbies +  Bed-Framesbeds
    • Wooden bed-frame with cubby attached to end: beach house lined with bamboo matting.
    • Wooden bed-frame with cubby attached to end: ship has steering wheel etc. for fun.
    • Cream/burgundy bed with mezzanine level beside, desk underneath, futon included next to desk, matching shelving and cupboards also available.

    Call Andy Palmer on 0428 269 101 for more details.
    Must be removed by 18th October.



    For Sale

    General Items

    • Two cream colourbond sheds each 1.95m high at back and 185 cm at front x 80 cm wide x 1.5 m long - hardly used, assembled $200 each
    • colourbond shed assembled same dimensions as above but hand painted, cream  $100
    • plastic garden shed, new, unassembled $200
    • plastic garden shed, new unassembled $150
    • 15 HP 2 stroke short shaft Yamaha outboard. Very good condition. Starts easily, runs well.  Fully serviced. $1300
    • 4HP 4 stroke long shaft Yamaha outboard. Hardly used. Fully serviced. $900
    • Brand new Poly Tank 1500L. cylindrical, cream colour. never used. $750
    • De Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioner. Hardly used. Has instruction booklet and all attachments.  $250
    • Homemaker  evaporative cooler/ portable air conditioner $100
    • Whipper snipper x 2 $40 each
    • Large square waterproof shade sail $135
    • 2 x new ceiling fans $20 each
    • Antique Linen cupboard $60
    • Wooden dog kennel $50
    • Various Boat Stuff… lifejackets, petrol tanks, fuel lines, solar charger, battery and bilge pump (new/unused), float switch new ..etc
    • two wooden outdoor stair kits, unused/ new 2 tread new $170 sell for $100 and 3 tread $230 new sell for $150
    • three 15 m soaker hoses $ 5 each
    Sophie 0432611976

    Aluminium run-about boat

    NZ made Stabi-craft.

    Aluminium. 5.8 m. Yamaha 80 hp 4 Stroke.
    Serviced and anti fouled every 6 mths.
    Hydraulic steering.
    Great open ended design for large carrying capacity or 7 people.
    Contact Karen 0419417555 or Michael 0408164361 for inspection or questions.
    Moored at Pitt Point.  $7500

    Items for Sale


    •  Japanese style stair cupbord. Free but has to be collected !
    • Desk and chair $100. As new condition.
    •  Gaff rig sailing dingy (approx 15ft). In pieces. $500. (no photo)
    • Double fibreglass kayak. Free.
      Please contact John on 0416 247 961.


    Family looking to move to Scotland Island.

    Currently seeking a rental on Scotland Island starting from late Oct.


    3 Bedrooms would be grand.

    We are 2 professional adults and our 6 y/o son who will be attending Newport primary.

    May even consider the purchase of the right property.

    Please contact Benedicte on 0415 858 605


    For Sale - Double Sea Kayak

    The perfect family kayak or house guest's/friends - robust, stable - totally non confronting kayaking!
    In our opinion the Dagger (brand) Trinidad (model name) is probably one of the worlds best plastic double's.

    What you will get;
    • Two people in the same boat, easy to talk and share.
    • Stability - arguably the most stable craft we have ever owned. Total confidence that either you or your guest will have a first class experience with or without previous kayak experience. This has been our boat for nervous guests or first timers and we have never had anything but praise for it's capacity to deliver.
    • Load capacity and room - this is a floating lounge chair and suits very spacious seating for either front or rear seat.
    • A large central storage hatch (between the two paddlers) is ready for your camping gear or picnic hampers or dog.
    • Surprising speed and handling - Palm Beach for fish and chips in 50 mins, even quicker on the home run with a nor easter.
    Here's a link to a commercial re-seller with the same boat;

    Linda and I will demo this boat for prospective buyers (if required), we are including; entry level paddles (2) 2 neoprene spray decks (brand new) and a storage bag (home made).
    Priced to sell at $1500.

    9979 4098 , 0419 232 913 or email us at;


    Rental Required

    Rental required on Scotland Island, preferably waterfront/water views.

    Please contact Amanda on 0424 964 797 or email amandajaneoz70@gmail.com


    Lost Black Waterproof KATHMANDU Jacket

    Lost about 2 weeks ago in Church Point car park.

    Much cherished!

    Please call Nadine 0402 752465 if you found it.
    I’m sure I can arrange a fitting reward in return!


    Clean Fill

    AVAILABLE NOW FROM 39 Robertson Rd

    Call Toni
    Ph. 0431018279


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    Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - 02 9997 1022  http://www.rpayc.com.au/  
    Royal Motor Yacht Club - http://www.royalmotor.com.au/ 02 9997 5511
    Scotland Island Lodge - Bed & Breakfast - 02 9979 3301 or  http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au 
    Pittwater Youth Hostel  - (02) 9999 5748 (8-11 am and 5-8 pm)
    Handy Service - "No job too small"  - Call Alan 0447 775 541
    Electrician Wayne on Scotland Island 0418 229 277 - offshore community sparky - www.sparky.com.au
    David Walsh - Graphic Design - Custom Made Sculpture - 0404 239 212 - ital2@optusnet.com.au
    Dog Wash & Grooming Call Jenni: 0450 444 100 or Email: jena50@hotmail.com
    Pittwater ECO Floor Sanding - LUCIO: 0425 376 986 pittwaterecofloorsanding@gmail.com
    Free Pump Outs for Boats - Council with RMS installed a pump out at Careel Bay wharf

    Island Classes (Fitness, Dance, Art etc)

    Pilates, Meditation and Group Fitness with Patrice -  0406 483 036 patrice.corrie@gmail.com
    Art Classes- drawing and painting in oils, acrylics and mixed media- Marion 0431 457 431
    @ Nathalie's Table - Cooking Classes  - Nathalie - 9999 4449
    Dru Yoga - Tuesday 9.00 to 10.30 Tuesday morning - Phone Katya on 0414 187 916
    Dynamic Yoga  - Tuesday PM. & Saturday AM. Phone Nadine 0402 752465 nadineomara@gmail.com
    Tai Chi & Qi Gong classes – Friday 10-11 am. Chris 0416221040 or chris@syntivityaustralia.com


    Gurdjieff / The Fourth Way - Call John on 9979 5584, Marion on 9979 3993 or Anne on 9999 3478
    Green Group For Catherine Park - Run by SIOCS - Emmie Collins on 0405 330 781
    WOW - Women on Water - meets 4 times a year - Jenny Frazer 0410533728 / 99994460.
    Parents & Kids Groups Playgroup - Run by SIOCS - email Emma trysemz@tpg.com.au
    Scotland Island Players - contact Bob or Kez on 9999 4092
    Catherine Park Bush Care Group, 2nd Sunday @ 9.30am, Sharon Kinnison @ 9997 6017
    Elizabeth Park Bush Care Group, 1st Saturday @ 9 am, Bob Bolton @ 9999 4092
    Island Thinking Group - Roy Baker, 9999 6891, roybaker99@yahoo.com
    Offshore a capella choir –  Saturdays at 2:30 pm, SI Community Hall. Call CB on 9997 2035.

    Government Organisations

    Pittwater Council - 9970 1111  - email  pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  Web site click here
    Member for Mackellar Bronwyn Bishop, email clicking here or Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au
    Member for Pittwater  Rob Stokes,  email pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au

    Airlines, Buses and Railways

    Sydney Airport:
    Arrivals and Departures
    Virgin Blue:

    Sydney Buses: Information.

    Sydney Ferries:
    City Rail:
    Timetables & Information.
    Country Link Rail:


    Scotland Island Tides, Moon phases, Sun rise & set
    Local Weather Forecast
    Radar weather for Sydney (128k circle)

    Emergency Contact Numbers   

    and reviewing recordings
    ALL EMERGENCIES (Police - Fire - Ambulance) 000
    Police Assistance Line & Information 13 1444 or 9281 0000
    Broken Bay Water Police 9910 7899 or 0412 162 093
    Marine Rescue Broken Bay - Weekend
    (02) 9999 3554 - (02) 8411 1121
    Marine Rescue Broken Bay - VHF Radio channel
    VHF Radio Channel: VHF 16
    27MHz Radio Channel: 86 or 88
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Service  9999 4404
    Elvina Bay Rural Fire Service
    9997 3795
    Lovett Bay Rural Fire Service
    9979 1612
    Mackerl Beach Rural Fire Service
    9974 1162
    Headquarters Terrey Hills
    9450 3000
    NSW Fire Service General Information 9265 2999 9265 2999
    Rural Fire Service General information 9450 3000
    State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES 13 25 00 9486 3399
    National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    Sydney Water 132 090
    Energy Australia 131 388, (ah) 131 909

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    Alternatively, there are offline methods of joining, read more here or contact  secretary@sira.org.au

    Join WPCA

    To join the Western Pittwater Community Association www.wpca.org.au, contact Michael Wiener at

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