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November 13, 2015

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Mayoral message

We’re now at the point of making really important decisions that will affect the future of Pittwater. Next week (18 November) is the deadline for councils to submit amalgamation preferences to the State Government. 

Although Pittwater has up until now rejected the idea of any boundary change, in the face of the State Government’s stance, it now makes sense to have a good think about other options.

From Pittwater Council’s point of view, and our community agree, a single Council for the northern beaches is not in the best interests of the community. 

We have achieved much in ensuring that our tight-knit ‘villages’ are vibrant connected places, that we give priority to our environmental protection and that we prioritise planning for infrastructure that will continue to make a real difference to our local community. 

We want to have a structure of local government that retains the best things for our community and ensures that decision making recognises the unique communities and larger challenges that face our community.  We are up to the challenge, as demonstrated by our recent 2015 A R Bluett Memorial Special Commendation Award.  We want to continue building a strong Council capable of partnering with State Government to achieve vital outcomes for our growing community on issues such as transport, health, roads, employment and housing. 

We recognise that we need to respond to change.  The State Government has made it clear—the status quo is not an option. We will continue to advocate and consider what is in the best interests of the community.  Council will consider preference options at its meeting on Monday 16 November and I encourage you all to read the council report that will provide further detail about the decisions we need to make.

Please understand that your council is working tirelessly to produce the best result possible for Pittwater and the larger community and we’ll keep you updated as news comes to hand.

Cr Jacqueline Townsend

Between a rock and a hard place

13 Nov 2015

In the lead-up to 18 November—the State Government’s deadline for councils to respond to the IPART assessments—Pittwater and Manly Mayors have something to say: A two-council model is the best solution for our local government if maintaining the status quo is not supported by the State Government.

Both Pittwater Mayor, Jacqueline Townsend and Manly Mayor, Jean Hay have said that their communities are ‘between a rock and a hard place’—Warringah Council on one side pushing for a mega council, and the State Government on the other wanting less councils.

“With the Baird Government’s letter to all councils spelling out the status quo is not an option, it's obvious that change is staring us in the face,“ Mayor Townsend said.

“It’s now a case of what that change is going to look like.

“Our community is unequivocally opposed to a mega council; it’s too big and not in the best interest of the community.

“The good management of the social, economic and environmental pillars of the entire northern beaches peninsular is unsustainable under one council," Cr Townsend said.

“Having two equally balanced and specialised councils that focus on the delivery of local infrastructure and services and partnering with the State Government to achieve regional outcomes, is a much better option for the people of northern beaches,” Mayor Townsend added.

Both councils have said that a two council model will bring about significant savings, but what is at the heart of the decision to be made is the retention of a strong voice and advocacy.

“It’s a disgrace that Warringah Council misled the community with exaggerated cost savings“, Mayor Hay said.

Some $200 million was promoted as the amount that would be saved.

“The estimated savings under a one Council model over a 20 year period are in fact $43 million—as assessed by Manly Council and Pittwater Council financial consultants KPMG and peer reviewed by IPART’s independent financial consultants Ernst & Young,” Mayor Hay said.

“Mayor Hay explained that as well as ensuring stronger local representation, a two council model would better deliver an alignment of catchment and economic boundaries for stronger environmental management of the northern beaches natural assets,” Mayor Hay said.

“Although Manly and Pittwater would prefer to stand alone, it’s very unlikely this model of local government will be accepted.

“A two council model would allow us to maintain some of the characteristics of a smaller council while meeting the State Government’s reform agenda’, Cr Hay added.

Contact: Media contact:
Phone: Pittwater Council: 9970 1119 and Manly Council: 9976 1575

big human NO - Winnererremy Bay

Thank you!

On behalf of Pittwater Forever,  thank you to the off-shore residents who made the effort to attend the big NO last Thursday evening at Winnererremy Bay. 

It was good to see them there as we do appreciate the extra effort it takes for the off-shore residents to attend mainland events.

Thank you
Gavin Butler
Secretary Pittwater Forever

Sunset Drinks

Friday Nights at the Top Room

Friday nights as a bar with live music in the Top Room above the Waterfront Store.

It’s called Sunset Drinks in The Top Room and we open at 5pm.. with live music between 5-8pm.


! ! by Brenda Gottsche

“Just when you thought it was safe to
go back to the bookclub”!

A bookclub meets on “Spanish
Island” in the Pittwater. The alcohol
flows, and the night becomes a
goldmine of juicy revelations. Then
Australia’s 48th richest man rolls up
and makes them a dangerous but
alluring offer. And once they choose
there will be no turning back!

November 4,5,6 at 7:30 pm,
Sunday November 8 at 5:pm,
November 10,11,12,13 at 7:30
The Exchange Hotel
94 Beattie Street,Balmain 2041
Tickets $25/$20

There is also a $25 meal deal (main course and drink alcohol or non)

need to book and tell them you are with the theatre

 028755 2555


Woody Point Yacht Club

Commodores Cocktail Christmas Party

Saturday 14th November 4pm-11pm


bag it !

Free Film Screening

Community Hall Nov 15th from 6.30pm


Carols Afloat 2015

Rehearsals Commence 17th November at "Elandra" in Elvina Bay

Please contact  John Flowers 0444 444 448



It is at great expense that the creation of     has been established and paid for by a benevolent local to ‘give back’ to the people of Pittwater.
It is the ONLY Pittwater specific Actual & Forecast weather website – ALL other websites base their data on Terrey Hills if you look very closely into their data. Pittwater is a ‘micro-climate’.
The Bureau of Meteorology has given us a 5 Gold Star rating, our equipment is ISO Certified and the Federal Minister for The Environment has sent us a letter congratulating our outstanding initiative by being “the first community group in Australia to develop a coastal weather network”.
The BoM Head of Marine and Coastal Weather has enthusiastically embraced our data & is feeding it into their WOW (Weather Observation Website).           then go to Observations, then Sydney Area. It is a very basic presentation but valuable anyway.
Our website presently features four stations – Observation Point (Palm Beach), Scotland Island (East), The Quays Marina (Church Point), & Mona Vale.

The Actual weather conditions are updated every 2 minutes including Temperature, Humidity, Feels Like Temperature, Wind, Wind Chill, Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation, UV Index, Rainfall (present & cumulative), Sunrise/Sunset, Dawn/Dusk, Moonrise/set & a multitude of other data.
The ‘Snapshot’ of each station gives the most used info – Temp./Humidity/Wind Speed & Direction.
The ‘Gauges’ tab then ‘Steel Gauges’ also gives a fascinating overview.
We have two more stations coming to complete our coverage – Stokes Point(shortly) & Barrenjoey Lighthouse(a tedious process).
We have already had over 40,000 hits on our stations with Scotland Island presently showing 5,300 hits since the seven months of operation from 1st April 2015.
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) at The Quays use our forecasts as their official reference & daily posting.
Stephen Hosking – manager The Quays – has studied our forecasts vs BoM & finds them more accurate (because they are location specific). The whole of Sydney is a huge area.

The RMYC & Avalon Sailing Club have links on their websites to our service.
Thank You
Rohan Walter
President – Pittwater Weather Incorporated
9997 2600          0404 803 747     

Looking for a New Home

Chicken Coop


Please ring Therese O’Neill: 0438 27 97 66.

Deck Sale

Saturday 15 November


For Sale

Quintrex Dinghy - Kayak - Canoe



Perfect Xmas pressie

Never used  Premier Spring Trampoline in excellent condition
10 FT with ladder, safety nets and basketball hoop, worth $420 new take a look at for all the info

If you would like a look just give Claire a call on: 0479 072 200

The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Scotland Island Residents Association (SIRA), or the Western Pittwater Community Association (WPCA)

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