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IAHF List: I spent some time today examining the websites of all the alternative medical groups in Europe listed amongst the Alliance for Natural Health's base of supporters. You can see that list here

Would you believe me if I told you that of those 9 listed groups of alternative practitioners with websites listed as supporters of the ANH lawsuit, only ONE (1) bothers to hot link in to the ANH website in an effort to pitch support in their direction. I emailed all of them to plead with them to do more to help, and will follow up this coming week to see if any do, if some do not, I will call them to ask if they understand what I am saying.

We're getting down to CRUNCH time people. A TINY PERCENTAGE of you on the IAHF email distribution list have bothered to pitch support to the Alliance for Natural Health, and if this lawsuit isn't filed because not enough people cared about this LAST CHANCE we have to defend our access to supplements world wide, don't say I didn't try to warn you!

The only alt med group on the ANH site that has a hot link to the ANH website is this Swedish organization http://www.kam.se/
Kommitten for Alternativ Medicin

The others are obviously IN DENIAL about the fact that they're all on the verge of being driven out of business, and their patients are on the verge of losing their access to the supplements they need.

They're hardly alone, either. Citizens for Health in the USA is not pitching support to this lawsuit despite a huge effort to alert them. Ditto for the American Association for Health Freedom. To their credit, both the National Health Federation, and Patients for Alternative Medicine are helping alert people, but many other American organizations such as People Against Cancer, the Cancer Control Society, Cancer Victors and Friends, and many others aren't doing a thing despite many efforts to wake them up.

Ditto for the Mexican cancer clinics.

If you have any pull with any of these organizations or clinics, please let me know and please try yourself to wake them up and let me know what you do.

Most consumers probably assume the supplement industry is coming forward in droves to support the ANH lawsuit, but that is not accurate and no one should assume many will although discussions with them are ongoing and we haven't given up HOPE that more companies will get involved.

For reasons still unknown, although NNFA's International Committee voted unanimously to back the ANH lawsuit, Kim Smith, NNFA's Legislative Director has failed to abide by their request to alert the NNFA Membership.

So......., its all coming down to the wire, we have til the end of September or we'll miss our window of opportunity to file the suit when it would be most effective, and our absolute deadline is sometime in October, but we're rapidly running out of time. We have the best lawyer in England to take the case, a guy who has made more than 70 appearances before the European Court of Justice (the EU Supreme Court). He established pioneering case law in overturning an EU Directive, and he says this case is VERY WINNABLE..... but his services don't come cheaply.

Would be one HELL of a SHAME if this case isn't filed due to lack of sufficient funds. How much is YOUR life worth? How would you be if you suddenly couldn't GET the supplements you NEED? You better join me in very soberly asking yourself those questions and think about pitching support to the ANH lawsuit, or more than you have already, and about getting more people to help.

Do you care? What have you been doing to snowball this information? How many groups have you reached out to to ask them to help? Don't look to me to do it all, I'm one very overworked guy and so are Rob and David of ANH. We get burned out from massive overwork and really need your help!

If every vitamin consumer in the world would donate just one dollar, we'd have way more than enough for this lawsuit, but far too many are just not taking this situation seriously, so the rest of us have to take up the slack and wake people up!!!

Many lives could be lost if we don't get the money we need for this lawsuit which has huge international implications- see http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html see

Please send a donation to ANH via their website at
http://www.alliance-natural-health.org or via international money order to
ANH Alliance for Natural Health
Mount Manor House
16 The Mount
Surrey GU2 4HS

Tel/fax: +44 (0) 1252 371 275
email: info@alliance-natural-health.org

Please forward this widely, take it to your health food store, if they're a member of NNFA they're being actively kept in the dark, ask them to call me for info at 800-333-2553 N.America or 540-961-0476 World

The fuse is burning closer to the Bomb..... Do you CARE? How MUCH?

John Hammell
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
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