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April 2009

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Facebook, Twitter and the Whole, Sick Social Web Trip

Two popular social web scenes, Facebook and Twitter, are now made one better by the arrival of the Samurai!  

I've been using Twitter to post appliance repair tips, called "tweets" in the lingo, for about a month now and that bucket o' tweets is starting to get some good stuff in there.  I post the Appliance Repair Tweets at each week, like in this post.  You could just scan through the list of tweets each week or, even better, follow me on Twitter!  That way, you get 'em real-time, as I post 'em.  It's free and you can either read them on the web or use one of the many cool Twitter clients.  My personal fave is Tweetie; they make a version for Mac OSX  and iPhone.   

Problem is, if you can't find a helpful tweet when you're looking for something specific, then that bucket o' tweets becomes about as useful as a drain pump on a dryer.  I'm still working on a slick way to search within categories at my site.  In the meantime, an effective and easy work-around is to simply copy and paste the following URL into the address bar of your browser...***

... and then replace *** with your search terms and you'll run a search at my site just within the Appliance Repair Tweets.  Toot Sweet?  This is a useful trick even if you already follow my tweets.  For example, you may remember a tweet about a GE XL44 range from a week or so ago.  But how's a Grasshoppah to find it?  If you use the powerful Samurai Search for GE XL44 you'll search everything at both and for your search terms.  But to search just the Appliance Repair Tweets for GE XL44, paste this URL into your browser's address bar: XL44

I went ahead and did it for you-- click here to see the results.  Then just click the title of the post on the results page and you can peruse the pearls. 

In Facebook, my intention was not to create new content, like I'm doing in Twitter, but instead to bring the content from my site to Facebook to reach new people looking for appliance repair help.  The idea here is that as people become fans of my Facebook page, their friends will see that and check it out, maybe a few of them will be come fans, and so it goes.  To get the content from without ever having to leave Faceland, just go to our Facebook page and click the RSS/Blog tab.  The page will load the RSS feeds from both my main site,, and from my Twitter feed.   

Apprentice Appliantologist Merit Exam Update

The Appliantologist Merit Exam (AME) has been hugely popular!  I can barely keep up with the number of exam submissions each day.  Honestly, whodda thunk a nerdy appliance exam woulda been that popular?  The AME was first introduced in the last issue of Appliantology, March 30, 2009.  Here are some fun stats to know and tell about the AME so far: 

AME Answer Forms Received:  181
Pass Rate:  52%
Candidates Achieving Merit Apprentice Appliantologist:  80 (44%)
Candiates Achieving Buckaroo Banzai Appliantologist (aced the exam):  14 (7.7%)

Need Parts?

We got 'em for every brand and model, in stock and ready to rock.  Best of all, you get a 30-day, no-hassle return policy on all parts, even electronic control boards that were already opened and installed.  

Recent Appliance Repair Pearls from

Not as many pearls this time around because of all the Appliance Repair Tweets I've been cranking out, which you can see here.

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Duet Washer Control Locked


Domo for surfing into for appliance repair help!  And double-domo for reading this newsletter.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please lemme know.  

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

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