IAHF: Kicking the CRAP outa the New World Order With YOUR HELP!!!!

IAHF List: Soon as I click "Send" on this one I'm off to the south side of Robson Square in Vancouver BC Canada where I'll be participating in a demonstration against C-51 that will coincide with simultaneous additional demonstrations against Health Canada Tyranny across Canada. http://www.stopc51.com

 For the good of dietary supplement consumers in Canada, the USA and Mexico it is ESSENTIAL that we TAKE NO PRISONERS in this battle here north of the 49th parallel, because if we fail here, for any reason, C-51 will impact the USA due to FDA's nefarious harmonization efforts via their criminal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/ Mexico via which they're harmonizing the food and drug regs between the 3 nations forgetting one lettle teeensy ting: WE'RE STILL ARMED: We're armed with the TRUTH http://www.stopc51.com and we're ARMED, I've been armed since I was a little bitty baby, got 2 of those suckers attached to my body, and when they mess with me, I come out SWINGIN' 'cause theres only one place these pond scum varmints are goin', and that is DOWN!

Ever see a Tent Peg beat into the ground by someone wielding a 5 pound sledgehammer? Well thats what we're doin' right now to the TURKEYS in the Canadian Parliament who dare to mess with us on this issue!

I am doing my damndest to infuse these overly passive, overly polite Canadians with some of that good old New Jersey fightin' spirit, cause thats where I was raised, and its a mean place where when the light turns green, your damn FOOT better be on the GAS or you'll get the HORN, the FINGER, Punched in the Face, or even SHOT DEAD!

That has a way of conditioning a person, and when you're in a fight, ANY fight, that can be a good thing!

Yesterday at the pool where I swim I witnessed a cop arrest a guy who had assaulted an 8 year old. The guy jumped into a lane that was closed due to a swim team practicing.

Then he proceeded to swim in the wrong direction. That was when he ran into this young kid swimming toward him. He clubbed the kid in the head with his forearm. The kid stopped, stood on the bottom, and told this jerk to get the hell out of his lane which he informed him was CLOSED. The "man" at that point actually PUNCHED this kid in the face (!!!!) The lifeguard saw it, beckoned the man over to poolside, put the "closed" sign in his face, ordered him out of the pool, and out of the facility.

The man gave her backtalk, told her to F off, and kept on swimming, in the wrong direction, in a closed lane, so she called the Delta Police. The man tried to elude them by running around the pool deck to right in front of where I was sitting in the hot tub, so I had a ring side seat. The beefiest cop body slammed the guy into the hard tile floor while bellowing "You're Under Arrest for Assault!!"

The guy struggled and it took 3 cops to subdue him and haul his ass outa there.

A version of this is what I and my Canuck allies are in a process of doing right now to Health Canada, and any low life MP who gets in OUR way is gonna get Tent Pegged just like this looser was who punched an 8 year old in the face.

Whats most likely gonna happen is this: Harper (Canadian Prime Minister) is gonna realize C-51 is too hot to handle, that they BADLY miscalculated the RESOLVE of the Canadian people to fight back. They'll go out for summer recess and hope the HEAT on this bill has died down by then, then they'll try shuffling the pea under a different shell and they'll try to slip it inside some other bill and hope they can sneak it through. So I am building the biggest damn coalition ever seen in Canada, because when they try this, and they will, we'll be here ready to hoist 'em on their own Petards!

Word is getting around that C-51 allows Health Canada to simply issue a REGULATION which would harmonize the Country to CODEX without any public debate or anything, and people up here are going justifiably BALLISTIC! They're REALLY going ballistic when they learn of all the many police state powers in this bill, but I need your HELP and here is why:

CHFA (Canadian Health Food Assn) is controlled by Pharma and they're doing SPIN against our mssg! Many health food stores are stupidly being guided by this spin and they haven't even LOOKED at the bill til I show it to them in their stores. Gas is incredibly expensive in Canada, far more so than the USA, and for me to get around to enough of these stores to properly kill this bill, I need DONATIONS!

A few of you have come through for me, and I thank those of you who have contributed, but more of you must do your share if I am to get around to all the stores I need to get to in BC and Alberta to properly sound the alarm up here!

If you are American, please grasp that you MUST take this Canadian situation just as seriously as if this were happening directly in the USA due to FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico- see http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232 and http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113337.htm  You must grasp that our corrupt Congress has been blocking us from getting Congressional oversight on the Trilateral Cooperation Charter and its going to take a huge campaign in the States to overcome that, but first, we must WIN in Canada!

If all of us pull together, we can DEFEAT the Pharma Cartel, but its going to take a real team effort, and right now I need cash for expensive Canadian gas! I am bringing jerry jugs of cheaper US gas with me when I go north of the line, but don't feel safe doing that. What if someone T-bones me? My car would become a bomb and I could get incinerated, so please help me out eh?

Paypal: http://www.iahf.com/index1.html  some have had trouble with paypal, some haven't, if you have trouble with it: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

Because Ottawa won't be BURNED in one DAY!

In YOUR Corner,

Juan Motime Hammell  Ron Paul Revolution Signs Being Put up in Vancouver BC by Hammell and his NWO Wrecking Crew!