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What Do You Do All Day

What Do You Do All Day?
Saturday, October 28 at 7 PM

Amy Scheibe's hilarious debut is rife with wry observations from one overwhelmed mother of two. With a light touch and a sparkling plot, Scheibe takes on the conundrums — and beauty — of motherhood for driven yet nurturing women.

The Light of Evening

The Light of Evening
Monday, October 30 at 7 PM

The Light of Evening is a novel of dreams and betrayals, but at its core is the realization that the bond between a mother and child is unbreakable, stronger even than death. With its loving evocation of the Irish landscape, its cinematic portrait of New York in the 1920s as seen through the eyes of an immigrant, and its central mother-daughter relationship, it is certain to bring this daring writer her widest audience yet.

Not Quite a Memoir

Not Quite a Memoir
Saturday, November 4 at 7 PM

Come spend a unique Saturday evening at the movies with famed film critic Judy Stone. In her new memoir, Stone, a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle for 30 years, covers conversations with, among others, film directors Alfred Hitchcock, Satyajit Ray and Gus Van Sant, as well as writers E.L. Doctorow, Amos Oz, Doris Lessing, and Isabel Allende. Her memoir includes a conversation with Turkish storyteller Orhan Pamuk, recent recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature, as well as several revealing interviews with Palestinian, Israeli and Iranian filmmakers.

Felt It!

Felt It!
Tuesday, November 14 at 7 PM

There seem to be a number of knitters and crochet workers that are throwing caution to the wind and tossing their wool creations into washing machines filled with hot water. Sometimes even with a pair of denims or sneakers. Are they crazy? No. Wasteful? Certainly not. Maggie Pace, owner of Pick Up Sticks in Oakland, shows how to turn knit fabric into tightly-woven felt material that can be used for hats, scarves and purses.

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