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IAHF List:
At the Weston Price Conference in Dallas Texas last Thursday, I walked into the hall at the Sheraton Hotel where the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund held their benefit dinner dance the day before the Conference began. Dr. Joseph Mercola was scheduled to be a featured speaker at this event, and again on Saturday night after dinner at the conference. Mercola.com has millions of visitors, and I had to make this effort to reach out to him. In 1997 when he first went online with his website, he called me and picked my brain for an hour seeking advice on how to get traffic to his site, information which I gave freely. At the time, the IAHF site was one of the most trafficked health freedom sites in cyberspace.
As I walked into the room, I was intercepted by Pete Kennedy,esq, Director of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund who seemed very tense as he told me that Dr.Mercola had been put off by my efforts to reach out to him to request assistance in addressing the largest threat to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico.
Kennedy told me that Mercola had only learned of my efforts to reach him "three days" before the conference, and he speculated that the reason for his negative reaction was that as a celebrity he "gets approached by a lot of people wanting his help."
I spoke with Kennedy about the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter on the phone prior to the conference telling him about how I'd forced the FDA to give me their internal documents via the Freedom of Information Act via which they've created a framework for one harmonized set of food and drug regs between Canada, the US and Mexico which threatens to make an end run around the will of the people as expressed via passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), and I reiterated this, imploring him to assist me in reaching Mercola on the issue.
Kennedy told me that Mercola did want to be approached about this issue at all during the conference, telling me that Mercola was there only to focus on the things he'd come there to address and nothing else. Kennedy then suggested that whatever information I had, that he would make sure that Mercola would receive it.
I had a concise article about the issue with my business card attached and asked Kennedy to please give it to Mercola, which he promised to do, but as of the end of the conference on Monday, Kennedy hadn't yet done so. He told me he would mail it to him. This was the same article I'd emailed to Mercola via someone in his office who I'd spoken with by phone who told me he'd forwarded it to Mercola's CEO. (I sent this to Mercola a month prior to the conference, but never had any response, so wasn't sure he'd seen it.)
During a break in the program on Thursday night I was standing in the hall outside the room talking to some people when Mercola came walking towards me accompanied by someone from the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. When I attempted to greet him, his body language told me and my two friends that he wanted nothing to do with me and I was sharply rebuked for attempting to reach out to him by the staffer from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund who sternly told me that she had business with Dr. Mercola whereupon she led him into a room for a private conversation, probably about FDA attacks on raw milk.
The next day, when I was in a line for lunch, Mercola was standing directly behind me in the line where he was observed blowing off someone else who attempted to talk with him, he was very aloof, clearly did not want to talk with this person, so I made no further attempt to engage him because for whatever reasons, he did not seem approachable. He knows who I am, and if he had wanted to engage me, he had a chance to do that right there. I decided to honor Pete Kennedy's request to give the man "space".
On the last day of the conference (yesterday) at a meeting of Weston A. Price Chapter leaders which I attended, I was told by one of the Canadian chapter leaders that Mercola's presentation Saturday night had been a shameless infomercial for Mercola that she was quite offended by it.
She had witnessed Mercola's refusal to engage me in the hall during the break in the dinner proceedings Thursday night, and her impression was that his primary interest is not health freedom, it is in promoting himself. She was very offended by his presentation Saturday night which I did not attend due to feeling offended that my efforts to reach out to this man would be so cavalierly dismissed after the huge effort I've been making to call attention to this sleeper issue which unequivocally poses a much larger threat to DSHEA than the FDA's NDI Guidance Document which Mercola (to his credit) HAS reported on.
I had been warned by several people that Mercola would probably act this way, and I didn't want to believe it. I see now that they were correct.
Someone who prefers to remain anonymous told me that Mercola had been paid a visit by the FDA during this past year due to a position he'd taken against mammograms. This person's feeling was that maybe Mercola was fearful of taking on this issue or of associating with me given that he realizes how much the FDA hates my guts for being the first to blow the whistle on Codex and also on the Trilateral Cooperation Charter (TCC).  Perhaps Mercola simply feels that he's taking on all he can and that he can't shoulder this additional burden.
That could be, but only our Creator and Dr. Mercola himself will ever know for sure. If he reads this, I hope he'll ask himself some serious questions about the wisdom of ignoring what I'm saying and not doing a thing to help. In the meantime however, I made several very valuable contacts at the Chapter Leaders meeting the last day of the conference with whom I discussed the TCC and other related issues, and the good news is that some of them are professional publicists who have a lot of good connections who can help us springboard this issue more into the national consciousness, so my efforts to get to the Weston A. Price Foundation Conference were by no means in vain, and I want to thank those of you who generously made it possible for me to attend.
Several of these good contacts I made want to be part of a conference call to discuss food freedom issues which threaten farmers in the aftermath of FDA's raid on Rawesome food buyers club and on Amish farmers, as well as related issues such as UN Agenda 21 and FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico.
One of these leaders interested in being part of this conference call is attorney Judith McCreary, a Texas ramcher whose focus group on "Animal ID" I attended yesterday.
McCreary runs the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance which is urging comments be made to the USDA prior to a December 9th deadline on Animal ID (formerly NAIS).  USDA is trying to drive all small farmers out of business via onerous and unnecessary regulations that have nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the public health and everything to do with helping the "Agrigiants" to harmonize farming regulations world wide enabling them to grab increased market share. Please learn of this issue on her site and use their form letter to file comments with USDA before the deadline. Judith's organization is fighting against UN Agenda 21 in a slightly different way from IAHF and we endorse her efforts.
Unless we stop USDA's rule-making, even backyard chickens will have to an ID if they cross state lines. This means huge paperwork and cost involved with buying baby chicks from a hatchery if it's not in your state. This will negatively impact all backyard chicken enthusiasts and small farmers. The Animal ID rule making effort is a policy intended to benefit huge agribusiness such as Tyson and Purdue which have gigantic chicken factories where chickens never see the light of day.
In the health freedom movement, one hand washes the other. We vitamin consumers can make valuable allies from the ranks of the Food Freedom movement, even if they don't use dietary supplements themselves. We must work together against our common enemy: the New World Order, UN Agenda 21, the FDA, the USDA and their international regulatory counterparts.
I feel confident that even though I did not get the help from Mercola that I sought at this conference, I found something much more valuable: the support of genuinely concerned people who are strong enough to not turn their backs on an issue as important as the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
I have never learned how to use Twitter, and there was a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter leader from Houston, TX named Carolyn Biggerstaff (www.realfoodhouston.com) who offered to teach me how to use this tool to get our message out to a lot more people. She and her husband are my kind of people, just plain folks who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and fight like hell for freedom.
I also met the publicist from the Weston A. Price Foundation named Kimberly Hartke who also had many valuable ideas, and several other equally valuable people. As I flew away from Dallas, I pondered the warnings I'd had from several people who all told me not to expect much from Mercola--that he is just a shameless "self promoter". I didn't want to believe it, but they could be right. It's also possible that Mercola, already a lightening rod for controversy, could simply not take on this issue due to recent FDA saber rattling in his direction, but if that's his reason, I think it's a cowardly cop out. I had expected much more from him.
I have had attempts made on my life from doing this work, yet I have never backed down from poking stick into the eye of the Grizzly bear that is the FDA because none of us can afford to be afraid of anything those cowards attempt to do to us. Our best defense is a damn good offense. We either work together to expose the huge threat posed by FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, or we will lose our access to supplements, and IAHF can't take this issue on alone without help from more people and groups, it's just too big for one person. It saddens me when someone whose livelihood is as tied to the sale of supplements as Mercola's is that he can't even take 5 minutes to talk with me when I crawled over broken glass to try to help him see the guided missile aimed at this industry.
We hit a brick wall trying to push for Congressional oversight even though Rep. Ron Paul took my warning to heart and generated a "Dear Colleague" letter calling for oversight on this. He signed it and six other members also did five years ago, but no one on the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee would sign due to being awash in Pharma PAC donations. With enough support from other people and groups, IAHF can yet drive the corrupt members of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee from office.
We can't give up, not if we want to maintain our access to supplements. As we continue to fight this battle though I urge all of you on the IAHF list to consider joining the Weston A. Price Foundation as I have done partly in order to learn all I can about using just nutrient dense FOOD for healing purposes because as Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said around 300 BC, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food".  We should do this in case we ever DO lose our access to supplements via the combination of arrayed threats that IAHF has identified:
UN Agenda 21
FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter
Canada harmonizing to the EU via the CETA Trade Agreement
(EU is very restrictive when it comes to dietary supplements, and Canada is being taken down hard- IAHF needs Americans to understand the importance of supporting a legal injunction to be filed against Health Canada to stop the rash of Gestapo like raids occurring with increased frequency north of the border as Canada is being forcibly harmonized to the EU- see the article "Vitamin Police Terrorize Suppliers" at http://www.naturalhealthfreedomcanada.com and please donate to NHF Canada's efforts. Their fight is every American's fight too!
As I strive to assist people in connecting the dots on these interrelated issues, I am simultaneously learning to do more with food to bring about healing and that has helped me put some huge missing pieces together for my personal health jigsaw puzzle.
It helped me reverse a pre-diabetic condition and lose 65 pounds. It helped me significantly reverse life long allergies and eliminate my issues with depression and brain fog that has also plagued me my entire life. You can see details on all of this in recent archived e-alerts HERE
IAHF will never stop tirelessly reaching out to more people and groups, and we need your help! Please snowball this alert, post it to your websites, call everyone you know and tell them you're forwarding it to them, explain why! Talk to the owners and managers of the health food stores in your area, realize that the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations such as NPA and CRN are deilberately keeping their members in the dark on this, so its up to US to alert them! I will be happy to talk with these people. Have them call me at 800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time.

Please help me reach out with this message to ceo's of vitamin companies, alternative doctors and anyone whose ear we can get. The life we save could be our own! If you value IAHF's dogged efforts to do this heavy lifting, please let me know via ongoing donations which can be made via Paypal or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA. Please assist IAHF in getting more clients who can put some gas into our financial tank. Although it is discouraging that Mercola is ignoring this issue, I remain confident that there are others with as much influence as hehas who WILL help, and my next efforts will be to reach out to still more heavy hitters. We sink or swim together, and giving up is NOT an option!