Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am   
  November 2014
 The Minyan Monthly
From the Rosh
It is often with some relief that we return to “ordinary” life at this time of year. Mountain peaks are exhilarating, but we need some level plains against which they can stand out. So enjoy a quiet Cheshvan. Let’s add some extra zeal to our mention of rain in the amidah, and we should all be taking measures to reduce water consumption. Cut back on sprinkling, and ask me for some tips on water wise landscaping.
— Carl Sunshine
High Holiday Services
We thank the 46 people who volunteered to make Library Minyan holiday services move smoothly and with kavanah this year. Our mix of veterans and new participants provided a rich blend of voices. Categories of participation included: shaliach tsibur, torah and haftorah reading, drashot, short “vorts” and poems (some originally written for presentation this year), yizkor service, torah monitors, coordination of ark openings and other honors, greeters, and installation of holiday decorations. Our special thanks go to Barry Rosenblatt for coordinating the entire effort. If you have suggestions to improve our Library Minyan HHD services, or if you would like to be involved in the volunteer effort for next year, please email your ideas to:
Social Action
On October 22 and 23 TBA One LA hosted the Metro Cluster training. The ongoing program will address key issues that include public safety and gun violence, healthcare, affordable housing, and public transportation. Look out for future actions, meetings, and events. Your participation will make a difference.
November 18 — The 2014 Jewish World Watch I Witness Award will be presented to Intel for its leadership in working to eliminate conflict minerals that fund violence in eastern Congo. 7:00 PM at the Museum of Tolerance. Sign up to attend this inspiring event at
November 23 — TBA Community Service Day – Thanks & Giving, noon until 4:00. Learn about or participate in a range of community projects including pet adoption, donating blood (starting at 10:30), energy conservation, and water-wise landscaping.
December 7 — The Giving Spirit in conjunction with B'nai David-Judea at B'nai David - The first of the 3 projects will take place on Sunday morning. Volunteers will do the first step of assembling winter survival kits for the homeless.
December 11 — 2nd packing project will take place on Thursday evening at Brentwood Presbyterian Church.
December 14 — Delivering kits to the homeless.
Projects are in the process of being arranged for SOVA and the Jewish National Fund. Please contact Dianne Shershow if you have suggestions for future projects or if you would like to participate in any of the above projects.
Lecture Series
Our first speaker will be Rabbi Rachel Adler on Nov 15, talking about Menachot 29b, the famous text where Moses goes up to get the Torah from God and is sent to the classroom of Rabbi Akiva. The following talk will be Dec 6.
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
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