IAHF List:

HR 2900 is the companion bill to S.1082, the FDA Reform bill. HR 2900 has been put on the Suspension Calendar which means that as things stand right now, they plan on not allowing ANY DEBATE, or ANY AMENDMENTS, they plan on only allowing it to be voted on as it stands right now, and that is NOT GOOD!

Its not good for all the reasons listed by Byron Richards in his articles about the Reagan Udall Foundation for the FDA, there is language that we need to change or the FDA will be able to attack any dietary supplement using their Critical Path initiative the same way they fraudulently removed Ephedra from the market.


We must call the House leadership with the following message:

"Please remove HR 2900 from the Suspension Calendar so that it can be brought up under a regular order so it can be properly debated and so that amendments can be made! As it stands, S.1082/ HR 2900 threatens to block consumer access to dietary supplements, and Congressman Paul would like to be able to propose an amendment.

This isn't my opinion, its the opinion of attorney Jonathan Emord, who has done more to defend the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act than any other attorney. To learn more see his article in News With Views titled "How the FDA is Becoming a Drug Company"  Unless changes are made to the bill language, nothing will stop the FDA from using the Critical Path Initiative to ban safe dietary supplements via fraudulent means, the same way they banned Ephedra" http://www.newswithviews.com/Richards/byron35.htm


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office in DC is: (202) 225-4965
Email her at: AmericanVoices@mail.house.gov

Also contact: Hoyer, Bonner, and Blunt's offices by calling them through the Capital Switchboard at


Then contact your own congressman with the same message. Keep making the calls tomomorrow too, we don't know how soon this bill will reach the floor but will keep you posted. Please snowball this alert to everyone you possibly can.