Purple Fibers Caused By Nano Particles Inside    Wires Put into Someone's Brain Caused by Nano Fibers
Someone's Body Caused By Chemtrails ....           Ingested from Breathing Chemtrails.....
IAHF List:

Please watch the shocking video at this link about how nano fibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails are being used to alter our DNA and to turn us into non reproducing, mind controlled Androids. The nano fibers are causing a huge outbreak of Morgellons disease in which colored fibers are coming out of people's skin. People can see man made worms crawling around underneath their skin caused by chemtrails. See these photos of the structures being created inside your brain and body via breathing chemtrails.. You are not powerless to prevent this!

Please also watch the new documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" which can now be seen for free in it's entirety on the web. In this film you will learn about weather control, crop control, food control, people control, and how you can help awaken more to the evil agenda of our would be overseers which we CAN STOP if enough people get involved! Film maker Michael Murphy hopes you will buy copies of the DVD of this film because the revenue will help air TV ads intended to pressure Congress to stop this madness. I support his courageous efforts.

At the same time I am offering a solution, a way you can protect yourself and your family from this madness! I am working very hard to get my message out. Recently I spoke before the Congregation of my local church. I also spoke before the Senior's lunch at our community Center, and in September I'll be giving a talk in the Annex Building of the Bellingham Food Coop where I intend to show Kevin Murphy's documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" while also educating people about organic sulfur and the other detoxification methods discussed on the Sulfur for Health Website.

Friends- all of us are undergoing massive biological assault! I can't awaken people on my own without help! Please join me! Please make your own effort to get this information out! Most people never even look up! They don't realize they are at risk! They don't realize that evil people are using aerosol's to control the world's weather, to control the world's food supply, to control the world's population, to turn us into non reproducing mind controlled Androids!

People are sititng ducks unless we warn them to use the antidote! They won't hear ANY of this on the evening news, so let your conscience be your guide! I am not selling sulfur just to make money, I am selling it to help as many people as I can. Running IAHF has never been a lucrative operation. As the first in the world to call the UN Codex international threat to health freedom to global attention I've been risking my life to stop this evil genocide agenda, and my efforts to get Sulfur out to the masses are an extension of that effort!

Don't let your kids get vaccinated, that is part of the genocide! Don't eat genetically engineered food or junk food, that is ALSO part of the genocide agenda, and above all, take STEPS to protect yourself from the nano particles your are breathing into your body right now, as I type this because your would be overseers are trying to alter your DNA! They want to turn you into a non reproducing Android, a microchipped slave, and they WILL do this if you don't actively take steps to biologically fight back!

Got Sulfur? It chelates all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails, it opens up cell membranes allowing healing oxygen to flood in and wastes to exit, it helps protect us from this NWO carnage!

Do your friends realize what is going on? Please show them this video about the nano fibers being sprayed on us that are turning us into robots. Please grasp that this is all part of UN Agenda 21, the UN's blueprint for population control. Please grasp that we now have new tools to monkeywrench that agenda! Read my friend Rene Holaday's new book The Perils of Sustainable Development  Rene almost had her ranch in eastern Washington seized by the Washington State Department of Ecology which has abandoned our Constitution and embraced the UN Charter.

We are not powerless to stop this effort by the elite to driver farmers and ranchers off their land via UN Agenda 21! We must pass legislation similar to this bill which passed in Alabama to keep people's land from being seized without due process! Today I wrote to my state legislature here in Washington urging them to introduce an identical bill here, please do the same in your state! Google your state legislature RIGHT NOW and show this to them! Tell them you refuse to be culled! Educate them! Show them the information in this alert! 

At the talk I will be giving at the Bellingham Food Coop's Extension Bldg on September 15th from 6:30 pm- 9pm to give a talk on this, I will be alerting people to these threats. I will be showing "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" while discussing Organic Sulfur as the antidote. Please assist IAHF in our efforts by making similar efforts where you live! Please help yourself, and your family by buying my sulfur which is the best in the world to protect yourself!

Please foward this widely! Please email your state legislators demanding they introduce legislation against UN Agenda 21 similar to Alabama's! Demand that they stop chemtrails! Show them this alert!  Anyone can sign onto the IAHF free email distribution list at this link.

Please pray for me! Anything could happen to me at any time for providing you with this information! The best way to help protect me is to buy my sulfur and to forward this information and my archived e-alerts urging everyone you know to join you in taking action! There is safety in numbers! The NWO wants to kill off 9 out of 10 of us, but they won't be able to do this if we all stick together to fight back!

Your Friend,