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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
July 8, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Introduction of Parking Permit for Offshore Residents

Mark Eriksson, Landscape Architect Principal Officer
8am to 5:30pm Monday - Thursday, 8am to 5pm Friday
Phone 9970 1356 Mobile 0417 219 541

July 2010

Dear Resident

Re:   Introduction of Parking Permit for Offshore Residents

After many years of negotiation between the Land & Property Management Authority (formerly Department of Lands), offshore residents, onshore residents, commercial operators and Council, the Plan of Management (PoM) for Church Point was adopted on 16 November 2009.

A clearly identified strategy in the PoM was the recognition of the Church Point Reserve carpark being the property of the Crown and the need for the land to accommodate parking for offshore residents.

A lease for the ongoing use of the area for the purpose of car parking will be agreed to by the Crown. Council will be appointed Trustee of the reserve and generally manage the precinct as identified in the PoM as a whole.

In order to create further parking opportunities and manage the precinct for offshore residents, capital works programs have been developed and will, in part, require Council borrowing funds. Repayment of these funds will be through ‘user pays’ fees for use of the reserve and precinct by offshore residents.

As of 31 August 2010, the Pittwater sticker issued to all ratepayers within Pittwater will no longer permit you to park at Church Point (precinct as identified in the PoM).

Offshore residents wishing to park at Church Point Reserve Carpark and the road precinct to the west, including the western carpark on McCarrs Creek Road, will need to purchase an annual parking permit from Pittwater Council or will need to pay for parking through the purchase of temporary parking permits through allocated pay and display ticket machines installed throughout the precinct.

Permits, as issued by Council, will enable offshore residents to park within the Church Point Reserve Carpark and allocated areas throughout the precinct but not entitle residents to an allocated car space.

Permits will be allocated by Council to any offshore resident providing proof of residency, ie driver’s licence. A Council website will be created to allow early and ongoing registration of residents within the scheme. Payment for permits will need to be made at Mona Vale Customer Service Centre, Village Park, Mona Vale.

As part of the Crown ownership of the reserve, all funds collected from the parking scheme must be retained and managed by Council in accordance with the financial plan as outlined in the adopted PoM.
As such, all fees collected by way of the parking permit system, through the pay & display ticket machines and any fines issued, will be placed in a stand-alone fund to be expressly used for improvements to the area as outlined in the PoM.

Council urges all residents to become aware of the adopted PoM and Council’s intention to provide further parking for offshore residents on the proviso it is provided for on a 'user pays' system.

As per the PoM, the annual fee of $275 is put forward by Council based on the premise of an above ground, tiered deck being built above the McCarrs Creek Road parking infill.

Should the tiered/deck not proceed, the cost of allocated permits will need to be increased to the price as outlined in the adopted PoM to $575 (indexed accordingly).

The construction of the tiered carpark is yet to be confirmed by either the community or Council but needs to be clearly identified as a financial consideration in the financial management of the precinct.

Please find below a basic information sheet outlining rules and regulations for the permit parking arrangements on Church Point Reserve and throughout the Church Point Precinct.

Should you wish to discuss any of the issues raised, or seek further clarification, please contact Mark Eriksson, Pittwater Council’s Principal Officer – Landscape Architect on
9970 1356 or Les Munn, Pittwater Council’s Manager – Reserves, Recreation & Building Services on 9970 1354.

Yours faithfully

Mark Ferguson

Church Point Parking Permit System
  • The Pittwater Council parking permit (issued to all residents) will no longer be valid at Church Point Reserve carpark or the Church Point precinct from the 1st September 2010 as identified in the adopted Plan of Management (2010).
  • Off-shore residents wishing to apply for a permit will need to purchase an annual permit from Council’s Customer Service Centre located at Park Street, Mona Vale (above the Library) from Monday 9th August 2010.
  • The permit will be issued annually for a fee of $275.00.  This fee is based on the proviso that Council will proceed with a decked carpark along McCarrs Creek Road as outlined in the PoM.  Should this not occur Council may increase the permit fee to $575 as also outlined in the PoM.
  • Proof of Residency must be provided when purchasing the parking permit or 10% GST will apply (increasing the parking permit price to $302.50).
  • The fee may be revised annually through Council’s Fees and Charges as adopted in Council’s Delivery Plan.
  • Should local residents elect not to purchase an annual parking permit, parking permits will need to be purchased through the pay and display parking machines located through the precinct.
  • Council will undertake some minor changes in the carpark including:-
-    Centralising disabled spaces to south-east corner (near toilets/shelter) along with allocated go-get car scheme spaces.
-    Establishment of an area for motorbikes and bicycles (lockers).
-    20 spaces allocated for 4 hour turnaround between the hours of 9am and 4pm.
-    Line marking of the central carriageway through the carpark.
-    Signage and carpark layout plans through the reserve.
-    Improved lighting to the carpark precinct.
  • The short term parking area adjacent to the Pasadena and general store will not require permits.
  • Parking permits will be needed throughout the precinct including Church Point Reserve through to the top of McCarrs Creek Road (above Holmport Marina).
  • Replacement permits will incur a fee of $20 and require a copy of the initial receipt and original permit number.

Enquiries in relation to the proposed permit system should be addressed to:
Mark Eriksson, Pittwater Council,
Landscape Architect, Reserves/Recreation & Building Services,
PO Box 882, Mona Vale  NSW  1660
or telephone: 9970 1356

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