Tell Democrats: Start discharge petition!

Dear Leader Pelosi and Congressman Xavier Becerra,

I am calling on your leadership to start a discharge petition so that the immigration bill, that was recently introduced by Democrats, may be voted on this month.

The discharge petition would allow the immigration bill on the floor without the need to deal with Tea party obstructionism. We have to stop the record deportations and provide an opportunity for millions of undocumented Immigrants to live and create jobs in the U.S.

We are urging you to start the discharge petition before the end of October. The public has heard from over 80 Republicans that they support immigration reform and legalization. With those numbers, there is no excuse not to start the discharge petition.

Uniting families should be sufficient reason to move immigration bill on the floor immediately. Considering how John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House, refuses to allow a comprehensive immigration bill to be voted on, this may very well be the only chance.

Immigration reform should not be used as a game just to win elections. This country wants immigration reform this year!

We are calling on your leadership to start a discharge petition this month.

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