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2013 Memorial Day Event: 15% Off Site-Wide, Reduced Shipping, + 6 Buck Overstock Titles! May 23, 2013
Sunday Salsa: The best recent releases for your collection... May 19, 2013
Finally: Alexander Abreu y Havana D'Primera PASAPORTE!!! May 15, 2013
Note to our international customers re. ship rate... May 14, 2013
Salsa Autentica Venezolana: URIOLA, SINSAYE, PURROY, CLASICO DEL CARIBE... and more! May 13, 2013
The Venezuelan Salsa Connection: 6 Very Important New Titles... May 11, 2013
The Best is Here and Now: Ray Viera, Alfredo de la Fe, Tromboranga, Mauricio Silva... May 6, 2013
Sambumbia Radioactiva Feat. Johnny Pacheco, Jimmy Bosch, Herman Olivera and Many Others! May 4, 2013
BIG DJ Alert: Ray Viera y Trombao: Sambumbia Radioactiva CD & Download (mp3 or FLAC)! May 2, 2013
Recent reviews, plus 2 days left on specials. Alfredo De La Fe sits for a portrait... Apr 30, 2013
Starting Now: Flat Rate $3 Shipping (Any Quantity) Plus, 25% Off Int'l Shipping (Any 3+ Titles) Limited Time... Apr 28, 2013
NEW: Alfredo DE LA FE, Mauricio SILVA (Salsa Venezolana!), Porfi BALOA (Adolescentes) ...more! Apr 26, 2013
WOW! Maestro Alfredo DE LA FE, Mauricio SILVA (Legado de Salsa Venezolana!), Porfi BALOA (de Adolescentes) ...more! Apr 25, 2013
Have a beautiful music-filled weekend. Apr 19, 2013
Special Deals Ending TODAY! Great New Titles: Tromboranga, Yolanda Rivera, Cuban Salsa All Stars... and more! Apr 14, 2013
48 Hours, Special Reduced Shipping: Tromboranga, Yolanda Rivera, Cuban Salsa All Stars.... More! Apr 13, 2013
Starts Now: $3 Flat Rate Shipping (No Minimum), Plus 25% off Int'l Shipping, too! Limited Time! Apr 11, 2013
Big DJ Alert: Tromboranga, Yolanda Rivera, Cuban Salsa All Stars and Pedrito Martinez Apr 6, 2013
NEW Releases: Tromboranga, Cuban Salsa All Stars, Yolanda Rivera, Pedrito Martinez... and more! Apr 5, 2013
Last Day for Free Shipping, Free DVD, and Overstock Deals! Hurry... Mar 31, 2013
Free 2-DVD Set (Yes, FREE!) Today and tomorrow only! This, and more offers inside... Mar 30, 2013
Easter Special: Free Shipping + Free DVD Package Set! Offer Details inside... Mar 29, 2013
Pre-Easter Blast! Free Shipping for Any 4+ Titles! Reduced Int'l Shipping, too! Mar 26, 2013
Photos of all $5.99 titles: This, plus ship specials, end Midnight tonight! Mar 24, 2013
Don't Miss It! Ship Deals + $5.99 Titles, too! Mar 22, 2013
Springtime Salsa: Nice Shipping Specials and $5.99 Titles, too! Mar 20, 2013
New Sounds: Klimax, Alex Matos, Rumbata, Oro Negro. Plus, Ismael Rivera, Roena, Pedro Conga... more! Mar 16, 2013
BOOM! Giraldo Piloto & KLIMAX, Alex MATOS, Ismael RIVERA, Roberto ROENA, Pedro CONGA, PR Power! Mar 15, 2013
FINAL CALL: Shipping Deals End Today! Great New Titles, too! Mar 10, 2013
Weekend World-Wide Ship Specials. Best Get Hoppin'... Mar 8, 2013