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Final Hours for Totally Free Shipping. See inside for details, and New Releases, too. May 3, 2016
Today+Tomorrow: Enjoy Totally Free Shipping with Any 3+ Titles Site-Wide. May 2, 2016
Final Day Flat 3-Buck Shipping: Johnny VENTURA's tribute to Cuban Music, BARBARITO TORRES, AYMEE NUVIOLA more! May 1, 2016
Weekend of Great Music | New Releases AND Special Shipping Offer Today and Tomorrow... Apr 30, 2016
New Music: Hermanos Gonzalez feat. Tito Allen + Frankie Vazquez, Aymee + Sergio George in Cuba, Cachao's double vinyl... Apr 29, 2016
Mega Issue: Los Hermanos Gonzalez, Aymee, Cachao, CocoBlue Salsa Band, Johnny Ventura, Barbarito Torres ...more Apr 28, 2016
▸ Monday 12HR FLASH Deal: 100% FREE Shipping, NO MINIMUM ORDER! Int'l Shipping reduced, too - See Inside... Apr 18, 2016
Last Call for 3-Buck Flat-Rate Shipping | New stuff from La Pregonera, Cova Brava, Ray Perez, Chembo Corniel... Apr 17, 2016
▸ Important New Titles, PLUS Weekend Shipping Special in Effect! See inside... Apr 16, 2016
The NEW Releases: La PREGONERA Orquesta, George Gaviria & COVA BRAVA, CHEMBO Corniel Quintet... Apr 15, 2016
Last Chance: Final Day for Free Shipping. Details inside... Time to get all the great NEW titles : ) Apr 4, 2016
Salsa Sunday + Mambo Monday: 100% Free Shipping with Orders of ANY 3+ titles, Site-Wide. Details inside... Apr 3, 2016
DJ ALERT: Gran DANESES de La SALSA, Brick CITY SALSA Orquesta, BRONX CONEXION Latin-Jazz BIG BAND... Apr 2, 2016
NEW: Jorge CORDERO & Los Gran DANESES, Alberto Rodriguez & BRICK CITY SALSA, Victor RENDON'S Bronx Conexion BIG BAND Apr 1, 2016
Good News: Specials EXTENDED for Today. Lock in your order NOW! Mar 31, 2016
Final Day for Flat 2-Buck Shipping: Details inside... New WILLIE ROSARIO, HARLOW+MARLOW, ABRAN PASO, Mar 30, 2016
Descarga Post-Easter Special, and New Release Palette... Enjoy! Mar 29, 2016
Audio Clips for the BIG 3: Willie ROSARIO, HARLOW-MARLOW, Orquesta ABRAN PASO... Mar 23, 2016
Our Hottest New Titles... Order Before Midnight: No-Minimum Ship Deal Today US+PR / Int'l Deals too - NEW RELEASES Mar 20, 2016
Weekend Special with Harlow-Marlow, Willie Rosario, Orq. Abran Paso / Shipping Deals Today+Tomorrow! Mar 19, 2016
NEW: Willie ROSARIO | Larry HARLOW+MARLOW Rosado | Orq. ABRAN PASO Back to the 70s | Rare CUBAN titles... Mar 18, 2016
NEW: Willie ROSARIO | Larry HARLOW+MARLOW Rosado | Orq. ABRAN PASO Back to the 70s | Rare CUBAN titles... Mar 17, 2016
Don't Forget Today is FREE SHIPPING DAY with Any 3+ Titles! Discounted Int'l Shipping, Too... Mar 13, 2016
Yes! Free Shipping Returns for Weekend Special : ) Limited Time, so Place your Order ASAP... Mar 12, 2016
Final Call: 2-Buck No-Minimum Shipping Today US+PR / Int'l Deals too! New Release Overview Mar 6, 2016
● Descarga Right Now: 2-Buck Flat-Rate Shipping This Weekend. No Minimum US+PR - See inside... Mar 5, 2016
It's HERE: Saoco Presents: CORTIJO Y SU COMBO 1969-1971, The Ansonia Years CD or Vinyl LP! Mar 1, 2016
Today! Last Chance for Free Shipping... Special Ending Midnight Feb 29, 2016
Jacob Plasse Portrait, Part II: Spotlight on Los Hacheros - FREE Shipping Special Today & Tomorrow Feb 28, 2016
The Plasse Portrait Session: Los Hacheros look to the past to venture forward Feb 27, 2016