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Mr. Hair Plugs Fights for his Job Feb 22, 2015
Senator Ron Sharp Wants to Abuse Children with no Accountability and Terminate Parental Rights without a Jury Trial Feb 15, 2015
Forced Urine Testing Advocated for Lower Income Patients and a List of Shame Feb 8, 2015
Blood on the Hands of the Chamber of Commerce Feb 1, 2015
Redneck Date Gone Bad? Jan 25, 2015
Je suis Charlie? Not if you run the Oklahoman Jan 18, 2015
Under the Hoods, RINOs Behaving Badly Jan 11, 2015
Ohhhhhh......They are so much better than us common folks Jan 5, 2015
State Jobs for the Disgraced Dec 29, 2014
Make Sexual Advances and get a nice Raise! And an Interview with the NAACP’s Garland Pruitt Dec 22, 2014
OCPAC Leader Charlie Meadows Refuses to Apologize, Advises Blacks to “Not Act Surly” Dec 14, 2014
Courts Breaking the Law, Drunken Senators, and Demented Santa Claus Runs Amok Dec 7, 2014
Massa Charlie goes on a Racial Rant Nov 30, 2014
Useful Idiots Nov 23, 2014
SB 1246 Might be a Bayonet to the Gut for the Oklahoma Senate Nov 16, 2014
Tolerance and Apathy, the Last Virtues of a Dying Society Nov 9, 2014
Mary Fallin’s Marriage on the Rocks? Nov 3, 2014
Republicans Against Oct 26, 2014
2014 Oklahoma Senate RINO Index Oct 19, 2014
Oh, Those Sooner Tea Party RINO Index Ratings Don’t Matter Because No One Sees Them Oct 13, 2014
Oh, Those Sooner Tea Party RINO Index Ratings Don’t Matter Because No One Sees Them Oct 13, 2014
A World of Hurt Coming Down on the RINOs Oct 5, 2014
We Told You so Twice, Bennett was Right and Prater Squeezes Alexander Sep 28, 2014
Serial Rapist Trooper Eric Roberts Finally Arrested Sep 21, 2014
Sins, like Chickens, Come Home to Roost for Oklahoma Repersentatives Sep 14, 2014
Mary Ain’t Getting Close to that Trooper Investigation if this Could Happen Sep 8, 2014
Add another Head on a Stick for the Sooner Tea Party Trophy Case Sep 1, 2014
Mary Fallin Feeling Left out or a Bit Jealous? Aug 24, 2014
Impending political Doom is a Good Thing Aug 10, 2014
Atty. Generals Responds on Ghost Workers Scandall Aug 3, 2014
Hotter than a RINO Afterlife Jul 26, 2014
2014 Oklahoma RINO Index Bill Submissions Needed Jul 21, 2014
Mary Fallin Gaining Weight and Prater Espionage Campaign Against RINO Political Consultants Jul 13, 2014
Liar Gets Caught Lying.... Politics as Usual Jul 6, 2014
Head on a Stake, Branan the Bigot is now Branan the Loser Jun 29, 2014
We Got Signs too, Jerk Jun 23, 2014
Bad Dentist or Bad Superintendent? Jun 17, 2014
Branan the Bigot Payback Time Jun 8, 2014
Senator Burrage, Better Listen to your Uncle Steve Jun 1, 2014
Norman Politicos Gone Wild! Rumors of an Upcoming Prisoner Swap Abound May 25, 2014
Representative Colby Schwartz's Secret Life, Part II May 18, 2014
The Death of the First Amendment in Oklahoma May 11, 2014
This Could be the Last Sooner Tea Party Email May 4, 2014
Speaker Election May 5th Apr 27, 2014
Rep. Colby Schwartz is Risen! Again and Again! Freda Deskin’s Multitude of Hidden Easter Eggs Apr 20, 2014
Senator Holt and Rep. Bobby Cleveland Want to Steal Your Home Apr 13, 2014
Throwing Silent Bob Under the Bus Apr 6, 2014
Busted! Secret Senate Security Video Tap Reveals Special Interests Behind American Indian Cultural Center Mar 30, 2014
Oklahoma State Senate Embroiled in More Scandal Mar 23, 2014
White Man Speak with Forked Tongue Mar 16, 2014
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves Mar 9, 2014
American Indian Cultural Center, the Third Rail of Oklahoma Politics Mar 2, 2014
Stealing the Citizens Money fo Fund Corporate Welfare Feb 24, 2014
Kiss of Death Courtesy of Fount Holland and Charlie Meadows? Feb 16, 2014
Useless Things at 23rd and Lincoln Feb 9, 2014
TW Shannon and a Clown Standing at a Urinal. What do they have in common? Feb 2, 2014
Mama's Boy is Running for Congress? Jan 27, 2014
The Strange Island that was Brenda Reneau Jan 19, 2014
Released Fallin Emails Claim that Former Speaker Kris Steele gets Caught Lying Jan 12, 2014
Representative Mike Reynolds Calls for New OCPAC leadership Jan 5, 2014
We have a Governor's Race Now Dec 29, 2013
Senator Eddie Fields Wins Pervert of the Week Award According to Governor's Chief of Staff Dec 22, 2013
“Hey Governor Fallin, Whatcha got in that Jar?’ Dec 15, 2013
Tea Party Article leads to FEC investigation District Judge Blackmailed in Terrill Case? Dec 8, 2013
Will Darkness Descend Where Hope Once Remained? Dec 1, 2013
Three Days Till Thanksgiving and Mary Fallin Brought the Turkey Nov 24, 2013
Islamic Horde Continues to….Well, Whatever it is That Hordes Usually Do Nov 17, 2013
Mike McCarville and Russian hooker Nov 10, 2013
Islamic Horde Invades Capitol Nov 3, 2013
Back to School you Miscreant.... Oct 27, 2013
Oklahoma Chairman Dave Weston said What!!!!!!! Oct 20, 2013
Recall Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill Oct 14, 2013
Read it and Weep, the 2013 Oklahoma RINO Index Oct 6, 2013
A Whiff of Scandal at Democrat H.Q. Sep 29, 2013
Agenda 21 primer Sep 22, 2013
The True Cost of “Free” Government Supplies Sep 15, 2013
Your First Amendment On Trial Sep 8, 2013
A Man on the Run Sep 1, 2013
Is OCPAC Entering Into a Death Spiral under Charlie Meadow's Leadership? Aug 25, 2013
Coburn Refuses to Defund Obama Care Aug 18, 2013
Bridenstine’s Dilemma Aug 12, 2013
Have a Shot at Dunking Bobo the Clown Aug 4, 2013
Sooner Tea Party, the TV Series Jul 28, 2013
Bloviating Blogger or Conservative GOP Chairman? Jul 21, 2013
Oklahoma State Senators Remained Targeted Jul 14, 2013
The Life Cycle of A Politician Jul 7, 2013
Governor Fallin Dislocates Her Arm? Jun 30, 2013
june 9th Jun 23, 2013
Sheep, Scavengers, and Tom Coburn Defends the NSA Spying on Amercians Jun 16, 2013
Oklahoman Reporter Proclaimed Honorary Oklahoma State Senator Jun 9, 2013
Session’s over, Charlie Meadows goes on a Bender Jun 2, 2013
The One Thing that Mary Fallin Can Do to Help Tornado Victims May 26, 2013
May 2013 Moore Tornado Relief Effort May 21, 2013
The State Chamber of Commerce Wants to Control Your Child's Education May 19, 2013
What is the Price to Silence the Conservative Movement? In Oklahoma it is $5,500,000.000 May 12, 2013
Political Syphilis and the Oklahoma State Senate May 5, 2013
Freedom of Speech on Trial in Oklahoma and SB 101 Apr 28, 2013
Conservative Group Supporting Gay Marriage and Legalizing Employing Illegal Aliens? Apr 21, 2013
You Have No First Amendment Rights in Oklahoma Thanks to Putinesque Behavior from the State Senate and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater Apr 14, 2013
Get Ready for the State Police to Knock at your Door Apr 13, 2013
Sooner Tea Party Press Release on the Criminalization of Free Speech Apr 2, 2013
Media Advisory Apr 1, 2013
Senate Leadership Attempts to Intimidate Tea Party Using State Police Apr 1, 2013
Representative Elise Hall, We are Coming to See you and Political Hell is Riding Along Oklahoma County Convention Falls to Conservative Alliance Mar 24, 2013
Infiltrator or Just another Opportunistic Politician? Mar 17, 2013
Ugly Children, Hogwash, and Bobby Cleveland, What Do they Have in Common? Mar 10, 2013
One Neva Hill Shill Website Goes Down, One More to Go Mar 4, 2013
Respect the Legislative Process? Feb 24, 2013
Every Bond You Break, We are Watching You Feb 17, 2013
Where the Hell Are We This Session? Feb 12, 2013
"Freshmen Legislators or Fresh Meat?" Feb 3, 2013
Proposed House Rules, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Jan 27, 2013
Rep. Mike Christian, Rep. John Bennett & Sen. Ralph Shortey Joint Fundraising Reception Wed., Jan. 30th 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Deep Deuce Grill Jan 24, 2013
Pro Tem Mike Jackson and Floor Leader Pam Peterson Invite You to an Informal Meeting to Discuss Making Bad House Rules Worse Jan 20, 2013
Organizational Day or Organizational Play? Jan 13, 2013
Missing House Committee members found, House Rules Still Nowhere to be Found Jan 6, 2013
Missing House Committee members found, House Rules Still Nowhere to be Found Jan 6, 2013
Missing House Committee members found, House Rules Still Nowhere to be Found Jan 6, 2013
Speaker Steel Must Be Thinking “ So What? Most of the Veterans Will Be Dead Soon Anyway” Dec 30, 2012
What a Monster Dec 23, 2012
The Opening Shot in a New War On Conservatives? Dec 16, 2012
Mary and Obama Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G Dec 9, 2012
Oklahoma County Sheriff Department Missing Machine Guns Recovered Dec 2, 2012
Remember "Mary Fallin, Don't You Dare"? Well, She Didn't Nov 25, 2012
Let's Secede From The Union! Uh, No Thanks Nov 18, 2012
Mary Fallin, Don't You Dare Nov 11, 2012
Oklahoma-Guardian Dropped on House District 2 and Senate District 11 House Leadership Candidates set for November 8th Caucus Nov 4, 2012
Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel to Return Campaign Donations to Criminals Oct 28, 2012
Oklahoma Courthouse Republicans Shame Themselves in Front of the World Oct 22, 2012
Crying Like A Baby, Sheriff Whetsel's Selling Access to the Sheriff Department Reserve Deputy Program Exposed by the Oklahoman Oct 14, 2012
Is Governor Mary Fallin Really Endorsing a Democrat Against a Republican Challenger? Oct 7, 2012
So you think you can scare the Tea Party? Update on the Dentist/Reserve Deputy article Oct 2, 2012
State GOP Leadership Slammed by Candidates Sep 23, 2012
Sooner Tea Party Accepts Controversial Advertising Sep 16, 2012
Matt “Jim Crow” Pinnell Shows His True Colors Aug 26, 2012
You Lie and McCarville's Contribution Aug 19, 2012
The McCarhill Report Jumps the Shark Aug 12, 2012
So long DHS and OMRF, Hellow OJA! Speaker Steele's own Leftwich moment Aug 5, 2012
“Pray That Your Mother Repents of her Evil Ways” Jul 29, 2012
Down Low Versus Liberty Minded Retired Trooper? Jul 22, 2012
Charlie Meadows’s Deliverance, Bless His Heart Jul 15, 2012
Tulsa World says Sooner Tea Party Forces Expected to Hold One Quarter of the House Seats in 2013 Jul 8, 2012
Tea Party Forces Defeats Incumbent Congressman John Sullivan and Incumbent Representative Guy Liebman Jul 1, 2012
Homeless Senator Dan Newberry and Did the Indians Just Buy Manhattan for $24.00? Jun 24, 2012
Newsaper Armageddon Arrives for Senator Mazzei, Senator Newberry, and Representative Mulready Jun 17, 2012
State Chamber: "We Will Be Changing the Way We Distribute Money Next Year" Jun 10, 2012
Steal 50 From Us and Expect 10,000 More For Your Trouble Jun 3, 2012
Resurrecting the Dead, a little late for Easter isn't Dan? May 27, 2012
A Rare Correction, or is It? May 20, 2012
Corruption at the GOP Convention Gov. Fallin Booed on Stage May 13, 2012
The Oklahoma-Guardian Newspaper Nears Deployment May 6, 2012
Al is Back and there is Going to be Trouble! Apr 29, 2012
Chaos Reigns in the GOP, We Don't Need no Stinking Party Platform Apr 22, 2012
Ménage à Trios, Ménage à Quatre, or Ménage à Cinq? Ron Paul Supporters Sweeps 3rd Congressional District Elections Apr 15, 2012
Rodent Infestation at the Capitol or Botched Hair Color Job? Apr 8, 2012
Charlie Brown and the ALAC Football Speaker Steele Humiliated Over Ethics Committee Bill Failure Apr 1, 2012
Representative Government in Oklahoma or Serve the State Chamber's Interests? Mar 25, 2012
A Senate Bill That Actually Protects Oklahomans and it is Stuck in Committee? Mar 18, 2012
Oklahoma County GOP Corruption Beaten Back by Ron Paul Supporters Mar 12, 2012
Oklahoma County GOP Corruption Beaten Back by Ron Paul Supporters Mar 5, 2012
Senate Vote on Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange Today! Call Now! Email Now! Feb 27, 2012
Ron Paul Coming to Oklahoma! The Truth About the McCarville Report Feb 20, 2012
The Oklahoma Truth Council Exposed Feb 13, 2012
Mary Fallin Goes Trolling for Bond Money Feb 5, 2012
Rumble at the Capitol; Will Speaker Steele Face an Investigation? Jan 29, 2012
Fake House Republican Caucus Agenda Busted! Jan 22, 2012
Speaker Steele Says “Quit or be Fired” Jan 15, 2012
Oklahoma County District Attorney Investigation Update Jan 9, 2012
Oklahoma Gun Rights Groups Placed on Terror Watch List, Thank You Mary Fallin Jan 1, 2012
House Leadership Asks For Over One Billion in New Debt Dec 19, 2011
Liar Liar Pants on Fire Dec 11, 2011
Special Shawnee GOP Caucus Retreat Edition Dec 4, 2011
Amnesty George & Son Nov 28, 2011
Representative Steve Martin, Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride Nov 21, 2011
Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others It Seems Nov 13, 2011
All This Talk of Lame Ducks and Transvestite Republicans, What Are Those Boys Thinking? Nov 6, 2011
Subpoena Stampede! Oklahoma County D.A. Refuses to Support Forgery Investigation Against Rep Dan Sullivan Oct 30, 2011
Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater Under Invesgitation By the OSBI Oct 27, 2011
TSA Begins Controlling Highways, Speaker Steele's Regime Exposed Oct 23, 2011
Speaker Steele's Train Runs Off the Track! Oct 17, 2011
They Did What? Representative Sullivan Bags a $200,000.00 + State Job Oct 16, 2011
Is It Blackmail Or Is Justice For Sale In Oklahoma County? Oct 11, 2011
They Are Raising Taxes Again, Don't Think We Have An Illegal Alien Problem, Move To Montanna Or Help Us Take This State Back Oct 4, 2011
Hillbilly Legal System, Incest Running Wild In Representative Sullivan Divorce Case Sep 26, 2011
Mortgage Fraud Tied To State Representative Sep 20, 2011
Another Skill Set From Representative Sullivan, Lying To Police Sep 13, 2011
Perjury, Lying To The Police. Representative Dan Sullivan, Have You No Shame? Sep 6, 2011
A Jerry Springer Batch of Legislators Sep 1, 2011
Judicial Corruption Linked To Oklahoma Legislator Aug 22, 2011
August Is Getting Hot For the RINOs Aug 8, 2011
The Tea Party is goint to Lawton and political hell is riding along Jun 8, 2011
Offices ransacked, Tea Party Records Stolen May 31, 2011
End of Session, time to start putting some hurt on the bad politicians May 25, 2011
Sooner Tea Party Newsletter May 1, 2011
Sooner Tea Party Newsletter Apr 10, 2011
Sooner Tea Party Newsletter Apr 2, 2011
Sooner Tea Party Newsletter Mar 28, 2011

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