Subject Date
Skeptics on the Fringe! Weeks 2 and 3 explore Arts & Science, Potty Talk & Badgers, Poetry & Music, Ghosts & Bigfoot! Aug 14, 2015
Skeptics on the Fringe! We've got it all from Historical Feels & Time Travel to Chimps & Photoshop, plus a list of other Geeky Shows! Aug 2, 2015
Ed Skeptics - Come to our PBH Free Fringe Fundraiser July 16th, hear great talks and win wonderful things Jul 13, 2015
Edinburgh Skeptics are doing loads of new things - Podcasts! Film Nights! Plus Godwin's Law, Alcoholics Anonymous and our Free Fringe Fundraiser May 17, 2015
Ed Skeptics - New Podcast, Secular Texas, Online Dating, The Third Reich, Alcoholics Anonymous & More May 4, 2015
Ed Skeptics - Politicians, Intelligent Animals, Bitcoins and Rescued Bats - Skeptics at the Science Festival Mar 29, 2015
Ed Skeptics - If you like us, say so! Skeptics Awards nominations close on Saturday 14th Mar 13, 2015
Edinburgh Skeptics in the Pub, having a Party, going to the Movies, at the Science Festival and finding out about the Past Dec 14, 2014
Ed Skeptics - Voting, Zombies, Pelvic Floors and Big Girls' Panties, Christmas Party, Partical Physics, WW1, the Westboro' Baptist Church and QED Oct 12, 2014
Ed Skeptics - Thurs 18th Skeptics in the Pub postponed, but lots of other events and talks to come to Sep 16, 2014
Skeptics on the Fringe! PZ Myers and Richard Wiseman google pseudoscience to find the difference between the sexes! - Is this email the truth or a lie? Aug 13, 2014
Skeptics on the Fringe! Ken MacLeod and PZ Myers rocking on Mars with Serial Killing Bumble Bees - False Memory or Apocalypse? Jul 27, 2014
Extra SitP Talk 3rd July and Summertime Fun and Frolics Jun 29, 2014
PBH Free Fringe Gig in London Jun 11, 2014
Edinburgh Skeptics: Synthetic Biology and The Science of Literature May 20, 2014
Skeptics in the Pub present Free Talks in the Science Festival Apr 2, 2014
Skeptics in the Pub, on the M8 and Underground - talks, discussions and encounter with aliens Nov 10, 2013
Skeptics in the Pub: Change of speaker for the 17th, Skeptics on Halloween, and Skeptics Underground! Oct 15, 2013
Skeptics in the Pub, risky laughter, Halloweeen special, close encounters and the latest news. Oct 8, 2013
Skeptics on the (Free) Fringe - Scientology, Equal Marriage, Time travel, Circumcision, Alt Vet, Faces of the Dead, Luck, Maths in the Simpsons, Weird Stuff Aug 17, 2013
Skeptics on the (Free) Fringe - Hacking and fracking; schools and fools; GM and Nanotech; Astrology and Time Travel; Odds, sods and gods. Aug 8, 2013
Win a prize in our Skeptics on the Fringe competition Aug 4, 2013
Can miracle cures save the planet? Do the math! Vampires and robots have sex on the brain while the police and cultures evolve. Different talks every day at Skeptics on the Fringe. Jul 28, 2013
Taking the Mic (raising funds) - Taking the prize (we won and award) - Taking a look (CCTV) - Taking a risk (what are the odds?) May 1, 2013
Skeptics in the Pub: Busting myths so you can ask thoughtful questions - Tarot, Mother Teresa, Fundamentalist Schooling, CCTV, 'elf 'n' safety Apr 9, 2013
Edinburgh Skeptics in the Science Festival: cancer, fertility, people power, robots, memories, dolphins Mar 24, 2013
Skeptics in the Pub: Is everyone going mad? - A replacement talk for March 21st Mar 13, 2013
Human bodies, inhuman minds and dolphins on the dark side; Ed Skeptics in the Science Festival Mar 6, 2013
Skeptics in the Pub; Nominate us for an award; strange schools; palliative care or pathway of death; the Science Festival; Nessie at 80. Feb 12, 2013
Skeptics in the Pub - cults and gurus, sharks and cancer, intuition and blind-spots. Jan 9, 2013
Skeptics in the Pub Party-time (yay), Conspiracies (not), the end of the World (not), Gorillas (invisible), Cult Leaders (scary) and Cafes Dec 17, 2012
Book Sculptures and Mince Pies, David Aaronovitch and our Christmas Party, a possible Podcast and Conan Doyle Nov 30, 2012
Skeptics in the Pub - change of speaker for Thursday 17th - "Talk to the Dead" and the Golden Ducks Nov 11, 2012
Skeptics in the Pub, Book Group, Dream Speakers, Golden Ducks and Steve Williamson: Hoax Slayer Nov 7, 2012
Being sceptical of Skepticism - What do you want from Edinburgh Skeptics? - Preventing NHS money being spent on homoeopathy Oct 4, 2012
Ignobel Prize Founder Marc Abrahams, plus Ed Skeptics Autumn line-up of events Sep 25, 2012
Richard Wiseman's back! Free Rum! 50% Discount for Turing Festival Events Aug 16, 2012
Sex and drugs, monsters and cults - Week 2 of Skeptics on the Fringe Aug 9, 2012
A C Grayling, Edzard Ernst, robots, dragons, and the end of the world - Week 1 of Skeptics on the Fringe Aug 2, 2012
Skepticamp, Book Sculptures, Edzard Ernst and A C Grayling Jul 25, 2012
Alt Med, Paper Sculptures and Skepticamp: talk, walk and join in Edinburgh Skeptics' July Events Jul 17, 2012
Treasure Hunt Clues - places to visit between now and Sunday Jun 21, 2012
Ed Skeptics - Dangerous Psychology, a Treasure Hunt and Death from the Skies Jun 17, 2012
Edinburgh Skeptics - Skeptics on the Fringe - Full line-up of talks walks and events Jun 3, 2012
Edinburgh Skeptics - Spreading the word May 27, 2012
Edinburgh Skeptics - May Newsletter May 12, 2012
Edinburgh Skeptics - April and May Events Apr 22, 2012